Instabox Announces New Website

Following a successful 10+ years online, we are glad to officially announce our new website upgrade at

In order to make the site look more up-to-date we decided to make it a bit cleaner, less cluttered, and make more effective use of white space. We’ve also reorganized some of our pages in a way that we hope is more accessible and makes it easier for our clients to easily find the perfect type of packaging or display solution.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and we welcome your feedback on how we can further improve the box shopping experience for you, our valuable customer!


  1. very nice stuff you guys do. and…very cool site. reminds me a bit of
    we’ll keep you in mind for future client projects at our agency.

  2. Instabox continues to strive to maintain the highest level of quality and service while remaining competitive with overall costs associated with our client’s packaging. As the economy continues its downward trend, we continue to help our clients with new ideas and packaging innovations to help save their companies time, labour and overall costs. If you are looking for a company to help “Lean” out your facility or “Consolidate” your supplier base, Instabox is the only choice. Our management team has over combined 100 years of packaging experience. We strive to build successful partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. Give us a call or send an email and we will work to help you achieve your goals related to packaging.

    David McCartney
    Recional Sales Manager
    Instabox Alberta Inc.