Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

Ontario: 1-888-677-0008

Saskatchewan: 1-855-269-4848

BC: 1-888-543-1113


Instabox carries over thirty different types of packing and shipping tapes. From colored Duct tape to filament tape and spray adhesive and everything in between.

Tape prices are listed as per roll, case lots will be charged accordingly.

Types of Tapes

Double sided tapes self adhesive

Double Sided Tapes

Learn more about Double Sided Tapes

Filament tape strapping tape

Filament Tape

Learn more about Filament Tape

Masking tape 12 mm and 48 mm

Masking Tape
Learn more about Masking Tape

Packing tape clear tan premium grade

Packing Tape

Learn more about Packing Tape

Paper gummed tape white paper brown paper

Paper Gummed Tape

Learn more about Paper Gummed Tape

Spray adhesive bond instantly

Spray Adhesive

Learn more about Spray Adhesive

Strapping tape tesa NOPI 4090

Strapping Tape

Learn more about Strapping Tape