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Die Cut Boxes

Instabox Inc. has many styles of Custom Die Cut boxes. These types of boxes can be custom printed either with a simple 1 color or 4 color process.

If you are looking for Ballot boxes for an event or need a custom Bin boxes to fit your shelving we can make it. Our custom Die Cut mailer boxes are great for products that need to be shipped as well as look good too. These are great for retail sales with custom printing and can be made to any size to fit your product. Instabox can custom make suitcase boxes too. They are perfect for trade shows and retail outlets and we can print your logo on them. Custom Mailer boxes and Suitcase boxes can be opened and closed many times and have locking tabs to keep them closed.

Depending on your needs these boxes work great in most situations and have a wide range of pricing to fit any ones budget. Call or email Instabox for more information about these great and useful Die Cut Boxes.

Types of Die Cut Boxes

Ballot Boxes

Great for any type of contest or election style promotion. Available in small counter-top or larger floor-standing styles…

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Bin Boxes

Ideal for maximizing your shelf space. Organize supplies, parts, magazines and more…

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Die Cut Cross Folder

Made from a one piece of cardboard, this type of box is a great way to mail anything from picture books to filters…

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Gift Boxes

A promotional style of box with a finer, finished look to it. Popular with advertising agencies and promotional companies.

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A one-piece box with an attached, self-locking lid. Ideal promotional products for your company as direct mail pieces…

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Suitcase Boxes

A self-closing briefcase-type box with a handle. Ideal for trade shows and conventions, or as a unique twist on conventional packaging…

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Telescoping Box

A sturdy box with a lid that doesn’t require any fastenings to close. Made from 2 pieces and shipped flat. Easy assembly…

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