Our Edmonton Factory Expansion Is Complete

Instabox is pleased to officially announce that we’ve have expanded our Edmonton factory to serve our clients better. This expansion makes Instabox the only box company in Alberta with two factories. We now proudly employ over 70 Albertans in our Edmonton and Calgary facilities and are celebrating our 35th year in the manufacturing of custom corrugated boxes.

Our Edmonton Factory Expansion Is Complete

To all of the great clients who have made this expansion possible….thank you!


  1. Greg, Congratulations on your expanded business, quite an accompishment in today’s economy! I really think you should put some employees (as well as yourself) pictures on the website…….

  2. Looks fabulous ! Greg !

    Keep it up & don’t worry about nothin but wat yur doin !!

    Bob & Lynne

  3. Wow, great job Greg, finally you have done it, no more driving back and forth with the truck now eh? It was in the talks for so long even when I was still driving for you. I was looking forward to the new truck when I was there and I did get to drive it but the expansion now I really have to go back for a visit. Well, sometime in the new year I will go and visit.

    Kris Szigeti

  4. Greg, congratulations on the Edmonton location…