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Benefits of Cardboard Gift Boxes

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Gift Boxes – Cardboard or plastic?

Cardboard and plastic packaging dominate the market. When deciding what material to use for gift boxes, businesses are forced to consider which option is best based on several factors. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is a matter of weighing the various factors to see which one is an overall better option that best suits your business need, image and goals.  What are the benefits of a custom gift box?

Cardboard Gift Box Environmental Impact

This factor can affect your conscience as a living member of the planet and the image of your business in the eyes of consumers. Cardboard is a better choice when considering the environment as it is often made using recycled and sustainable wood sources. Plastics on the other hand are made using fossil fuels, whose extraction and manufacturing processes can be detrimental to the environment. Cardboard comes from renewable sources while plastics do not. The decomposition of cardboard is also better for the environment than that of plastics. Cardboard material can be fully broken down in a matter of weeks while plastics can last for hundreds of years.

Custom Gift Box Design

Cardboard is easy to customize as the material can be adapted in a variety of ways. Designing a unique custom gift box is much easier when working with cardboard than plastic. From adding graphic designs and logos to including inserts or labels, you can more easily develop distinct packaging when using cardboard for the box. It is also more lightweight than plastic, making it more appealing to shoppers.

Gift Box Durability and Protection

Cardboard is a durable material with sound construction that makes it able to support products of even heavier weight.  This allows it to protect contents reliably and resist damage that can come from vibrations and rough handling during transit. Plastic is more rigid and though not as easily perforated, does not offer as good protection during transit.

Cost of Gift Boxes

Cardboard boxes are far more affordable than their plastic counterparts. Plastics are perhaps more expensive due to their heavier weight and more limited source of raw materials used in their making. You can easily find a high-quality standard-sized cardboard box at a cheaper cost than a low-quality larger-sized box.
When it comes to shipping costs, it is cheaper to ship products in cardboard boxes than plastic ones because they are more lightweight. Transport costs for goods are based on weight and dimensions, so the heavier the shipment, the more you would have to pay.

Gift Box Storage

When stocking up on gift boxes, you will find that storage is easier if they are made of cardboard material. This is because a custom gift box is designed to be collapsible, which makes them easier to transport and store in smaller spaces.

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