Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

Ontario: 1-888-677-0008

Saskatchewan: 1-855-269-4848

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Standard Boxes Style Guide

The 3D illustrations are not necessarily shown to the same scale as the flat blank illustrations.
Any “Stitch flaps” or corner joints are stitched or glued.

0201 Regular Slotted Container

0203 Slotted Container with fully overlapping flaps

halfslottedcontainera halfslottedcontainerb
0200 Half Slotted Container

sleevea sleeveb
0503 Sleeve

centreseal5panelfoldera centreseal5panelfolderb
0411 Centre Seal 5 Panel Folder. Not stitched or glued.

sideseal5panelfoldera sideseal5panelfolderb
0409 Side Seal 5 Panel folder. Not stitched or glued.

basetobestitchedorglueda basetobestitchedorgluedb
0300 Base & Lid. Not stitched or glued. (Customer to staple or tape)

walleta walletb
0401 Wallet. Not stitched or glued.

walletwithfoldoverprotectiona walletwithfoldoverprotectionb
0403 Wallet with fold over protection. Not stitched or glued.

sleeveandslidea sleeveandslideb
0509 Sleeve & Slide, 0503 & 0907

speciallong5panelfoldera speciallong5panelfolderb

Special Long 5 Panel Folder. Not stitched or glued.

sleeveandcapsa sleeveandcapsb
0310 Sleeve & Caps (Caps to be stapled or taped by customer unless otherwise specified)

telescopica telescopicb
0320 Telescopic