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Frequently Asked Questions for a Canadian Folding Carton Manufacturer

Folding cartons are an extremely popular packaging option, and a folding carton manufacturer in Edmonton can help to create packaging solutions for your business, company, or home. When considering this type of packaging, you may have some questions for a potential folding cartons manufacturer, and some of the most frequently asked questions have been identified below to help you make your decision.

What styles of folding cartons are available?

There are numerous styles of folding cartons available for purchase, and the most common include the following:

  • Straight tuck end
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Locking tray and lid
  • Countertop display
  • Windowed cartons
  • Full sealed ends

What is a window on a folding carton?

A window on a folding carton is a shape which has been die cut and stripped from the carton, and this allows a customer or consumer to see inside of the carton to view the contents.

Can folding cartons be recycled?

Yes, the paperboard used to produce a folding carton is entirely recyclable, and much of the current paperboard has also been made from using entirely
recycled materials.

Is the type of paperboard used in a folding carton important?

Yes. Different paperboard materials offer different advantages, have unique characteristics, and are priced at different levels. Paperboard also comes in a variety of different thicknesses.

What exactly is a four color process?

The four color process is a type of printing technique that utilizes pixation in order to develop images similar to pictures. The colors used are black,
yellow, magenta, and cyan, and the use of these four colors can trick the eye into seeing all possible colors.

What exactly is die cutting?

Die cutting is a process that involves stamping materials with the use of a steel rule that is affixed to a type of board. When it comes to creating a
folding carton, areas may be stamped to create empty spaces or blanks.

What types of coatings are available for folding cartons?

Varnish and aqueous coatings are available for folding cartons. Aqueous coatings are water-based and serve as a protective sealant. They are also fast
drying and have better qualities in protection than varnish coatings. Both varnish and aqueous coatings can be applied to have a matte or a glossy finish.

Can folding cartons have texted printed on them?

Yes. Both pictures and text can be printed on folding cartons to appear clear and crisp in order to market your product.


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