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Special Features of Custom Fiber Dividers

When packaging a product to be shipped around the world, there are several important steps that must be made. There are several decisions that should be carefully made before the packaging and shipping process begins. Some of these decisions may include what type of boxes to use for shipping or the type of partitions or dividers used to ensure the safety of the products.

There are several types of boxes that are used to ship specific products. However, there are certain dividers that are used specifically for certain products. Some are even custom made to fit neatly around small or larger products when multiples are placed in a box to be shipped. Fiber dividers are used for short or tall packages that require compression strength to help contain the product and prevent damage.

With fiber dividers there are special features that go into the storage of products. Each partition or divider is set up specifically for product protection. Fiber dividers have a few other mentionable features as well. Corner cuts help to reduce problems that may come from inserting. Instead of having square edges, they are cut to prevent snagging. There is enough room at the top or bottom of the divider to provide a locking space while it is open. The locking feature restrict any movement of the strips within the divider.

Another great feature of a cardboard box divider is an adhesive coat that is applied to the vertical sides of the divider. This feature helps hold the divider in place. It also helps by allowing the package to be moved in any manner without losing, shifting, or damaging the divider. The orientation notch is found at the top right hand corners of fiber dividers. They are made specifically to ensure that the divider can be opened or closed properly. When closing, the two rectangular shaped cut outs should fold on top of one another flawlessly.

These are just some of the features that can be found when using a fiber or regular cardboard box divider. With each type of custom made divider there are certain specializations put in to help with specific products such as wine, perfume, or other glass bottles. Without the use of a divider during shipment the product may be at risk of severe damage. This damage can result in losing most or all of the shipment. Dividers are especially warranted when the packages include fragile products.


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