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Tips for Wrapping Your Customized Gift Box Flawlessly

Whether it’s for the holidays or a birthday celebration, wrapping a customized gift box can be a stressful experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. You want your gift to look beautiful while using the fewest resources possible, but sometimes it still turns out looking like a clumsy mess. By following a few simple steps, you can impress your friends and family by presenting a flawlessly wrapped gift.

Wrapping Your Gifts

To begin wrapping your gifts, consider following a few important steps:

  • Ensure that you have enough space, and then lay out your wrapping paper. It is important to ensure that you cut enough paper so that it will fit your entire gift, so measure it with a ruler or tape measure if necessary. Try to leave an extra inch or two on each side to ensure that your gift containers will be completely covered.
  • After your paper has been cut to the desired size, flip your gift so that is face-down in the middle of your paper. Then bring the sides of the paper up on the long side of the package. Make sure to pull tightly so that the paper lies smoothly against the package, and then tape the sides closed.
  • Close the ends by folding the left and right edges and then pushing them in next to the box. This will form flaps.
  • Fold down the top flap so that it is next to the box, and then secure it with tape once it is tight. Then fold the bottom flap upward and tape it after it is tight. Turn the box around and repeat to the final open side of your package.
  • Turn the package right-side-up, and rub your finger along the edges to form a creased ridge.

Other Gift Wrapping Tips

When it comes to wrapping gifts, especially for the holidays, it is important to start wrapping early. By wrapping your gifts along the way as you buy them, you can avoid the stress associated with last-minute wrapping. Gift wrapping supplies can also be expensive, so buy them a few at a time before the holiday season or a special birthday, and then store all of your supplies in a special place. Saving unused gift wrapping supplies can save you money the following year, as you can reuse the items that you did not need the year before. Finally, choosing a wrapping paper that contains a grid for easy cutting on the alternate side can also make your gift wrapping experience much easier.


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