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Folding Cardboard Boxes – Packaging of Your Favorite Products

Folding cardboard boxes are used to package a variety of products, and although you may not notice, they are all around you. These packaging solutions are extremely common due to their lightweight properties and durability, and many manufacturers choose them because they can be easily customized for promotional purposes. A review of some of our favorite products that can be found in folding boxes is outlined below.

Cereal in Folding Cardboard Boxes

Cereal companies often use folding packaging in order to create their cereal boxes. These lightweight boxes are able to secure the product effectively, but they can also be customized for marketing purposes. It is easy to embellish attractive graphics, text, and cartoons onto these boxes to make them stand apart from the competition. This customization can help to make a sale with potential customers when there are hundreds of boxes lining the store shelves.

Folding Cardboard Boxes for Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages commonly use folding cardboard boxes in order to package their products. This packaging option can be used on items ranging from a case of beer to a pack of malt beverages. The fact that they can hold 24 aluminum cans or 12 glass bottles of liquid says a lot about their durability.

Medications Packaged in Folding Cardboard Boxes

Many medications are found in plastic containers, but to avoid tampering, they are also placed in cardboard boxes. Not only do these packages give consumers confidence that the product has not been touched, but they also make it easier for retailers to stack the items on the shelves and to create visually appealing displays.

Candy in Folding Cardboard Boxes

Everyone loves receiving a box of candy for a special occasion, but you may not notice that the sweets that you are eating are actually packaged in a folding box. These boxes are easy to dress up with holiday graphics and company logos, and they also do a great job of keeping the candy well-organized and undamaged.

Toys for the Kids in Folding Cardboard Boxes

Most children’s toys are also found in folding cardboard boxes. In some cases, the box may simply serve as a method of getting the toy to the customer, and in other cases, it may be a way to keep parts of the toys in one place so that they don’t get lost. Other families may choose to save a box for more expensive toys, and you may see collectible dolls or figurines that remain in the box in order to protect their value.


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