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Choosing Folding Cartons in Calgary

A folding carton is a staple of the Calgary packaging industry, and it is made out of paperboard that is cut, laminated, and printed, for manufacturers. These folding cartons are then folded and shipped flat to manufacturers, which utilize their own machinery to fold them into their final shape as a product container. In Calgary, these cartons can also be used for packaging and shipping.

Folding Carton Styles

There are a variety of different folding carton styles, the most common of which are the four panel boxes. These boxes typically include end closure flaps and panels that are fastened in ways to create lock end, seal end, or tuck end closures. A few of the most popular styles are outlined below.

  • Reverse Tuck End: The Reverse Tuck End box will have top closure that hinges off its front panel and is then tucked into the rear, and the closure hinges on the bottom are found at the rear while tucking into the front. These boxes are commonly used for cosmetics, retail products, software, and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Seal End: This style is glued closed by the folding carton manufacturer and its bottom and top flaps are folded over the end that is opened and then glued once the product has been inserted.
  • Straight Tuck End: The Straight Tuck End box will have bottom and top closure panels which tuck back to front or vice versa. This type of box is well-matched for any product that requires a box made of paper that has a window for product display through the front panel.

Why Choose Folding Cartons in Calgary

In terms of packaging options that are available in Calgary, folding cartons come with a variety of benefits. They are light-weight and easy to create, and they can also be produced fairly quickly. A folding carton can be filled easily, and once the product has been inserted they are effortlessly sealed and stacked. This can make the shipping process extremely easy and efficient. Some of the other top reasons that folding cartons are used in Calgary include the following:

  • They provide for brand identification.
  • They have both graphic and billboard impact and can provide for unique merchandising opportunities.
  • Folding cartons offer product visibility and differentiation.
  • Products are thoroughly protected during the shipping process due to their high level of environmental performance.
  • They are easily stored, distributed, and shelved.
  • Folding cartons are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.


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