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How to Prepare Boxes for Shipping

Properly preparing boxes for shipping is extremely important, as this task is essential in order to ensure that your item is protected and that it arrives at its intended destination. Some important tips for preparing both large and small shipping boxes are outlined below.

Use Corrugated Boxes

When shipping an item it is best to use a new box, as the more often that a box is used, the more it will lose its original qualities for protection. It is important to select a box strength which is suitable for your package contents. Many boxes include a Box Maker’s Certificate that will outline weight limits, and this can be a guideline to determine if you need small or large shipping boxes to safely send your item. Improper packaging can result in an alteration of the dimensions of a package during transport, and if the dimensional weight is affected it may result in a correction of the shipping charge.

Include Internal Protection

It is extremely important to cushion your items properly within your package. It is recommended that each of your items is wrapped separately, and fragile
items should be kept away from each other. Proper internal protection materials that can help to ensure your items arrive at their final destination intact

  • Air-encapsulated plastic
  • Loose fill, or packing peanuts
  • Inflatable or air bag packaging
  • Foam-in-place or engineered foam enclosures
  • Crumpled craft paper
  • Corrugated inserts and liners

Secure Your Box Properly

Properly closing your box is also important to the security and safety of your item. You should use a very strong tape with a width of at least two inches
rather than masking tape, duct tape, or cellophane. Some of the best packaging tapes to use include nylon-reinforced filament tape and pressure-sensitive
plastic tape.

Label Your Package

To ensure that your package is delivered quickly and efficiently, take the following points into consideration while labeling your shipment:

  • Include the recipient’s complete address including postal code.
  • If applicable, include a unit or apartment number on the shipping label.
  • If you are shipping to a Post Office Box, include the phone number of the recipient on the label.
  • Fasten the shipping label directly on top of the package, and only include one label per package.
  • Don’t place a label on a closure, seam, or sealing tape.
  • Cross out and remove any old markings or labels that may be found on a used box.
  • Include your return address including street address and zip code.


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