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Important Facts about Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are a great packaging solution for a variety of businesses, and they are becoming increasingly common. By learning more about them, you can determine if they are right for your business.

Folding Cartons Can Assist with Marketing and Branding

Folding cartons are a great way to deliver a brand to a consumer, and through this process, they can also reflect the brand attributes and marketing strategy. A folding carton can facilitate product marketing at every stage by communicating the value of the brand while promoting and advertising it.

Folding Cartons Can Help with Communication

Folding cartons play an important role in attracting the attention of potential customers. This can be done through the use of glossy finishes, graphics, and other effects that help a brand to stand out. Coordinating a folding carton with other media promotions, such as TV and newspaper ads, can also help to communicate a company’s message.

A Folding Carton Can Protect Your Brand

Folding cartons play an important role in brand protection by ensuring that products get to the customer in good condition. They offer convenience features for opening and reclosing the package, and they also provide the customer with safety information as to how it pertains to the product. Tamper evident features may also be included to provide confidence in the brand and additional security.

Folding Cartons Can Help the Supply Chain Process

A printed, folding carton is easy to transport, as they are usually packed flat and are then erected when they get to the factory of the brand owner. This makes them simple for bulk packaging and distribution. Cartons are merchandised easily at retail stores and can provide for a simple ready packaging solution.

Folding Carton Marketing Comes Close to Other Media

Folding carton packaging closely compares to TV in popularity when it comes to brand promotion, and it is a great packaging option to stimulate repeat customers. Many brands use folding cartons to capitalize on this advantage.

New Developments in Folding Cartons Can Help Brands

As technology continues to advance, more innovative folding carton applications are being created, and this can give brands greater choice in the functional and graphical design of their cartons. Examples of new developments include microwavable meals that can be heated within the package or a carton multipack for beer that can be used like an ice bucket as the beer is being consumed.


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