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Is Whiskey Packaging Recyclable?

whiskey packaging
Whisky is one of the most popular hard liquors in the world. Millions of cases are consumed in the US every year. That makes for a lot of waste once the contents are finished. Like many other liquors, it is packaged in glass bottles and placed in a whisky box. Due to the nature of the product and the fact that many brands are often imported, whisky packaging is not reusable.

But can it be recycled? The answer to this is however not clear-cut. In a bid to appear unique, different brands utilize different materials in their packaging designs. Some of the materials are recyclable, while others are not. Those that exclusively use cardboard for their whisky box design are recyclable. Some brands even make a point of indicating that the cartons are fully recyclable on the packaging.

Others however will incorporate metals in their designs. you may be familiar with those whisky bottles that are packaged in cardboard tubes rather than box-style cartons. In some cases, the lid and base of the tube will include metal which may be bonded to cardboard. These types of whisky box designs are problematic when trying to separate trash for recycling.

Recyclable whisky packaging

Whisky distillers can do more to help when it comes to making their packaging recyclable. A good option would be to alter their whisky packaging designs so the bottles are encased in a cardboard carton. Without additions like metal or plastic materials. This will make it a simpler affair when separating the recycling on trash day.
Not only does it help the environment, but it is also a smart costing decision. Cardboard on its own is much cheaper to use for packaging than when it is bonded to other more harmful materials like metal. As much as many whisky brands are considered high-end, there are still ways to make even cardboard packaging appear and feel more luxurious. From die-cut mailers to wooden cases, many sustainable options lend themselves well to showcasing high-end liquors.

Consumers also tend to be more interested in the appearance of the bottle than the box they will simply dispose of after unboxing. Distillers should focus more attention on developing bottle designs that are more alluring than the boxes that are regarded as less important.

It is also noteworthy that cardboard material is quite lightweight. For brands that are shipped across the world, transport costs can be reduced by investing in lighter packaging materials. Consumers may also become more brand loyal to distillers that take a greater interest in minimizing the amount of waste generated from packaging materials. Many are environmentally conscious and more inclined to support brands that share these same values.

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