Impressing Customers with Carton Packaging

Custom Folding Carton – carton / custom folding carton

A carton box is the most widely used type of packaging for shipping. With more consumers opting to shop online, it has become increasingly important to ensure that this packaging is well-received. Many companies will invest the bare minimum to ensure their products get to their destinations safely, but more thought needs to be put into the design to ensure a good unboxing experience. The better an impression you can make with consumers, the more likely they will remember your brand positively and want to make repeat purchases and give glowing reviews and recommendations.  

Delightful carton 

You can customize a corrugated carton box in a variety of ways to make it more visually appealing. Adding color and imagery is a terrific way to make for a more interesting unboxing experience and delight the recipient. Plain carton boxes are not as enjoyable to open. Chances are the recipient will be even more careful in opening the box so they can keep reusing it, which is good for the environment.  

Perfect size carton 

When packaging your products, you should ensure the box can comfortably but snugly fit the contents. Too large and will appear wasteful. It will also cost more to ship. Too small and you risk the box coming apart before it has even arrived at its destination. Not to mention the recipient needing to struggle a bit to get the contents out of the box.  

If the item you are packaging is an odd shape, make use of filler or an insert to stabilize and protect it within the box. Your customers will be happy to see that what they ordered has been delivered intact and well-secured.  

Corrugated carton sturdy design 

There are many ways to ensure the box you use is sturdy enough to endure the journey to its destination. If you are shipping heavy items, you may want boxes made from virgin wood pulp. They tend to be stronger than those made from recycled material whose fibers are weakened and shortened by repeated processing. You can also opt for more fluting or laminating the box. There are many ways you can strengthen a box to ensure a sturdier construction that can withstand even the roughest transit journeys.  

Secure and seal carton 

The last thing you want is for items being shipped to become exposed or even fall out of the box you packed them in. You need to ensure that whatever tape you use will securely seal the box and withstand even rough handling without coming apart. Water-activated tape is considered the best option for sealing shipping boxes.  

Creating Custom Labels That Will Impress

Coffee Custom Labels

Custom labels –

A lot of time and thought goes into the design of the packaging. The majority of this is dedicated toward the box, however, even custom labels deserve some consideration. This is the part of the packaging that describes the product and provides other crucial information like expiry dates. It can also help to differentiate a brand from that of competitors. Here are a few ways you can better impress your target clients with labeling.

Investigate your competition

Custom printed labels need to set your brand apart from the rest. Before you can create something unique, you need to know what is already on the shelves to avoid duplication and ensure good contrast is created.

Know your custom labels audience

When designing custom labels, you also need to ensure that you have a good understanding of your target market and what would appeal to them. Testing out assorted designs and seeking feedback are clever ways to refine your features before settling on a final design.

Choose your custom labels unique brand colors

A big part of ensuring your label stands out is incorporating a brand color that is not already on the shelf. You will want consumers to spot and be drawn to your products briefly. This is best done by choosing a unique brand color that makes it easy for them to locate your products among the competition.

Make your custom printed labels tactile

Color will play a key role in creating visual appeal; however, it can help to wow your target clients by creating a tactile experience once they pick up your item off the shelf. You can do this by trying out diverse types of materials for your labels and introducing texture in the wording by embossing.

Play with shapes of your custom labels

This is another way to make your custom printed labels stand out. Most labels are printed in standard rectangular and oval shapes. Using unusual shapes can be an effective way to bring more attention to your product while on the shelf. You can even cut windows into the label to provide a view of the product within.

Add some gloss to your custom printed labels

Gloss is a smooth coating that provides a shiny finish. It provides another way for your product to draw attention by making for a shiny presentation. An excellent choice when an elegant finish is likely to appeal to your target clientele. Another way to make your label appear shimmery would be to use metallic foil. You can use different metallic colors including gold, silver, and brass. This is suitable for luxury commodities and can be further enhanced with holograms.

Benefits of a Custom Packaging Solution

Mailer Cardboard Full Colour Farm to Fork – packaging solution

When it comes to finding a packaging solution for your business, chances are you have considered just buying standard-sized boxes and other regular items from your local store. However, opting to customize your packaging is often an underrated means of boosting your business’s visibility, appeal, and sales revenue. In many ways, this investment often pays itself well, allowing you to enjoy greater business success.  

Packaging solution appeal  

Products that come in custom packaging will naturally appeal more to shoppers than those in boring standard boxes. This is because they tend to make use of colors, imagery, shapes, and writing that allows the packaging to stand out from the rest. They also tend to more attractively display information that shoppers would want to read. Tempting shoppers to pick the item off the shelf is often the first step to making them want to buy it.  

Packaging solution better quality  

With custom packaging of product, your items will appear to be more expensive and of better quality than whatever else is on the shelf. While some shoppers prefer to buy whatever is cheapest, there are more that want the best value for their money. If your product is competitively priced but beautifully packaged, then your brand will have an upper hand.  

Packaging solution brand 

Custom packaging solutions allow for your products to become more recognizable to your clients. It is especially helpful to businesses that offer a diverse range of products so that their customers can more easily pick them out in shopping aisles. It can help to tie all your products together and boost the visibility of your brand.  

Packaging solution protection 

Many products are not well-secured when packaged in standard packaging. Custom packaging is often best at ensuring that the products you deliver to the market or into the hands of consumers are well secured. More so if they are food items that need to be protected from contamination.  

If the packaging is for shipping, you need shopping materials that can withstand transit without allowing the products to escape from the box or be damaged while within. The more often your products can arrive at their destination without damage, the lower chances you will be forced to handle returns and refunds.  

Packaging solution Eco-friendliness

With custom packaging, you can opt to ensure Eco-friendliness. You can use recyclable materials in their design and encourage your clients to reuse and recycle them thereafter. This is good for promoting environmental consciousness and can impress your customers as this ideal is very much popular with the public.  

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Custom Bags

Businesses have become more aware that they need to carefully consider what kind of custom bags they should make available to their customers. Shopping bags are more than just a convenience. They are also protective packaging and can serve as a testament to the values a brand espouses. In the current age, businesses need to give priority to Eco-friendly options like reusable paper bags, cotton bags, and hemp bags which offer several main benefits.  

Custom bags reduce pollution 

The use of Eco-friendly custom bags has a positive impact on pollution. Shifting away from the ubiquitous plastic bag ensures that there will be less plastic waste that will find its way into waterways and landfills. With plastic taking thousands of years to break down, you will be doing the planet a favor by opting for Eco-friendly options.  

Custom bags sustainable sources 

Eco-friendly options like reusable paper bags are made of materials that require less energy to process and have sustainable sources. Plastic bags require a lot more energy to make. Crude oil and natural gas are some of the components used to make plastic bags and are non-renewable energy sources. For something that is often disposed of after individual use, this is not a sustainable approach to generating packaging. 

Custom bags safeguard animals 

Animals will often consume whatever they encounter in their environment. Plastic bags frequently find their way into animal habitats and even in homes where pets are. Over 100,000 marine animals die from consuming plastic products that were dumped in the oceans every year. By reducing our production and sole use of plastics, we can help protect vulnerable creatures that are not able to realize the danger they face by ingesting these items when carelessly disposed of around them.  

Custom bags save money 

Many countries have now banned the use of single-use plastic bags in favor of reusable options. While in some places people can be fined if caught using them, other simply have businesses charge extra for such packaging. The cost is usually minimal but if you keep shopping this way, you will find that the amount can add up. Making reusable and eco-friendly bags easily available to your shoppers will help encourage more environmentally conscious behavior while saving them additional costs.  

Custom printed bags and branding 

Eco-friendly bags can just as easily be customized for branding purposes as plastic bags. Custom printed bags that are Eco-friendly are a wonderful way to let the world know that your business is dedicated to protecting the environment and future generations. It is a fantastic way to boost the image of your brand in a way that the younger demographic will appreciate. 

Corrugated Packaging Available Online

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging –

When businesses are stocking up on their boxing supplies, they have various ways by which they can find a corrugated packaging company. Checking local business directories and seeking referrals from other business owners are commonplace approaches. However, thanks to the internet, it has become much easier to simply go online to shop around for corrugated packaging suppliers. Here is why you should choose this option.

All corrugated packaging businesses are going online

Chances are you will find that even the local corrugated packaging companies and any referrals that may be further away have already built a presence online. Businesses of all sizes have now invested in their online brand, meaning that you will find more than you bargained for with just a simple online search.

Wider variety of options

Going online means you will gain access to a much wider listing of options. Not just because more businesses are engaging in e-commerce, but because you can connect with companies that are much further away. It is not uncommon for businesses to source their packaging needs from suppliers that are halfway across the world. The market is quite competitive and there are many amazing deals to be had if you are willing to do the research.

Awesome deals on corrugated packaging

You might think that you will get a great deal by sourcing your supplies from a local company. However, depending on location, you may find that certain conditions such as tax laws and access to raw materials mean that you can get far cheaper packaging from much further away. Comparison shopping will allow you to make a better judgment about which company is truly offering you the better deal. Remember to factor in all costs including any shipping or tax expenses.

Hear from other customers before buying corrugated packaging

While the cost of placing these orders is important, it should not be the only guiding factor when you are making the final decision. Businesses need to partner with other businesses that are reliable and innovative. These qualities will be beneficial to their own operations. Going online is a good way to find out more about the reputation of a business you want to partner with through such information as customer reviews and complaints with business associations.

Easier comparison

As said comparison shopping can be more easily carried out when you shop for a corrugated packaging company online. You can pick key areas to compare including cost, reputation, product quality, craftsmanship, and durability. Choose the factors you think are most relevant and rate each company you are considering narrowing down to the best choice.

Reasons To Order Custom Canada Boxes In Bulk

Canada box

Canada boxes –

For most goods-based businesses in Canada boxes are a necessity as they provide a safe means by which to deliver products to customers. Whether you run a B2C or B2B business, you will need boxes that come in assorted sizes to accommodate varied orders. When looking for a Canada box manufacturer, you will find most offer deal if you make a bulk order. While bulk orders will certainly mean having to pay for this packaging, it does offer several benefits that are worth considering.

Canada box cost savings

Ordering boxes in bulk is made very tempting by the discount deals most manufacturers offer. In short, the larger your order, the better the discount. This means that overall, you will have brought down the cost of buying packaging supplies. Sometimes the discount can be in the form of lower unit rates, while in others it could be in making free deliveries or other concessions.

When carrying out comparison shopping, you need to work out which deal offers the most cost savings, while ensuring the quality of the boxes is also comparable.

Consistent box availability of Canada boxes

As e-commerce takes hold of many markets, you will find that a growing proportion of your clientele now prefers to make orders online. If you ever run out of boxes, it could mean delays in shipping and depending on company policies, may even entitle some clients to refunds. No business wants to lose revenues. Placing bulk orders for boxes means you will more consistently have the packaging you need to execute orders. Ordering your stock of boxes piecemeal increases the risk that you will run out of boxes you need and end up making deliveries late.

Canada box customer satisfaction

When you can consistently deliver orders on time, you are more likely to ensure customer satisfaction. Complaints about delays in making deliveries can harm the reputation of your business and the ability to grow sales. Making a good impression on clients by ensuring their packages arrive in suitable time and are well-secured in their appropriate packaging can delight them and make them more likely to give positive reviews. Nicely done packages can also make for a more enjoyable unboxing experience.

Availability of customization for Canada boxes

Boxes can be customized in a variety of ways including color, wall thickness, and size. Customization is a terrific way to help your brand stand out from the crowd while also ensuring the contents are well-secured. Thankfully, even when ordering in bulk, you can ensure your boxes are made to whatever specifications you want.

Pop-Up Displays Strategic Locations

pop up display

Point of purchase displays or POP displays are a wonderful way for brands to market new products. They are designed to stand out with bold coloring, branding, and other unique features that will draw the attention of shoppers in retail spaces. While they can be located anywhere within the store, many brands prefer that they be positioned near tills. Here is why.  

Point of purchase displays-competitive edge

A clever way to make a product stand apart from the offerings of the competition is to provide them with a distinct space. When you have pop-up displays that stand on their own and are positioned far away from the competition, they give the product a more unique and intriguing feel that can encourage shoppers to give it a chance.  

Pop-up displays captures attention 

These pop-up displays are an effective way to capture the attention of shoppers. Many people are working with a tighter budget now and will try to be focused and prioritize what is on their list when shopping. They will often ignore displays that are in between aisles. However, when they finally go to checkout, there is often some time spent idling as they wait for other shoppers that are ahead in the queue to be served. This is a suitable time to try and capture their attention and tempt them into picking up the product.  

Pop-up displays promotes impulse buying 

When you can capture the attention of your audience for any extended period, it is a wonderful opportunity to inform them about details of the product they did not know. This is just what pop-up displays are designed to do. They create a miniature isolated environment where potential buyers can be marketed to away from other distracting products and in a bold and engaging manner. Whether it is through branding on the display or by playing a promotional video that is incorporated into its design, this approach works well in stimulating impulse buying and boosting sales of the product.  

Effective quicker sales with point of purchase display 

The problem with impulse buying is that it is a fast response. Given enough time, the shopper may easily change their mind, especially if they were trying to limit their spending. Place the point of purchase display closer to the tills. This convenience encourages easier purchase, hence the name, impulse items. 

It is common to see products from these displays that were placed further inside the store being ditched along the way to the till. Closer proximity leaves less time to ponder and change your mind.  

Packaging Box Ideas To Discourage Shoplifting

Packaging Box

Packaging Box –

Packaging box designs can play a role in helping retailers discourage theft. Retailers work hard to try and discourage shoplifting incidents. They invest in security cameras and mirrors that allow for good views of even hidden corners. When planning the layout of stores, they try to ensure good visibility that will make it less likely for a shoplifter to be successful. They also try to ensure good staffing so that shoplifters will be fearful of attempting theft when an employee is nearby.

Product manufacturers can also help retailers by applying certain ideas to their packaging box designs.

Go bigger

While the rule of thumb is to invest in packaging that is a good fit for the size of the product, going a bit larger may help in discouraging theft from stores. Shoplifters typically target items that they can most easily put in their pocket or bag and walk away unnoticed. If too big, it may appear as a bulge and increase the chances of getting caught. If your product is on the smaller side, you may want to consider opting for packaging that is bigger, and that will make it difficult to hide. Even just a longer backboard that is incorporated in hanging packaging can boost sizing for smaller items.

Seal your packaging

Some shoplifters can go the extra mile to liberate the item they want from its packaging and hide it on their person. For a small item, even in a big box, this can make it harder to deter theft. The best solution here would be to seal the boxes well before allowing them to go to retailers and be shelved. Whether it means using glue or water-activated tape, try to seal the packaging such that shoplifters would struggle to open them up without being noticed.

Use display boxes

For high-end products, especially those of small size, it is advisable to avoid displaying and stocking them on store shelves. Manufacturers should consider sending out orders to retailers with a few empty display boxes that provide comprehensive information on the product. These can be left on the shelf, with instructions on what counters customers can go to ask for the product. This is often a negligible expense as the cost of a few extra boxes when ordering packaging wholesale and in bulk is minimal.

An alternative would be to create cardboard placeholders that customers can find on the shelves detailing the product and can pick up to exchange for the real thing when going to check out.

Must-Have Shipping Materials For Small Businesses

Packaging Materials – shipping materials

Small businesses tend to start with limited capital and therefore have to be careful about their spending until they begin to see revenues grow. This restricted spending also applies to their choice of shipping materials. As more consumers opt to shop online through e-commerce platforms, there has also been an increase in the number of businesses that are expanding their presence online to capture this market. This has made it necessary for even small businesses to ensure they invest in adequate stocks of shipping supplies. Here are the most basic types of supplies they will need to include in their inventory.

Shipping materials – mailers and boxes

The most basic shipping material is the mailer or box within which a product is packed. It is the primary security for the product and on which shipping information is placed so that shippers know where to deliver the package. Cardboard boxes are the most frequently used packaging material that can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Mailers are a good option for shipping documents or flatter-shaped products. Both options can be customized to fit a range of products to better protect them and minimize shipping costs.

Filler and cushioning shipping supplies

Once you have customized your choice of mailers and boxes, the next consideration should be the interior filling. Many products are not box-shaped and thus when placed in the packaging, will have voids around them. Filler can be used to fill in these spaces. It can also be used to provide cushioning.

When products are being shipped, they will be subjected to varying degrees of handling that could lead to damage. Cushioning within the box can help protect the product from rattling around inside the box or mailer and becoming damaged. Filler can also act as a barrier if the packaging is damaged and liquid or sharp item penetrates the interior. There are various types of shipping materials that can be used for these purposes including bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and inserts.

Tape shipping supplies

These shipping supplies are used to seal and reinforce packaging so that it does not come undone during transit and allow the contents of a box or mailer to spill out. There are different kinds of packing tapes that can be used depending on the type of box. You can even have them customized in terms of color, width, or with branding messages.

Shipping materials label

This is the final step of the shipping process when you add shipping address details and other information as to the contents of the box that the shipper may require, such as how to keep the box in an upright position or if it contains fragile items. Shipping labels work well to display branding messages and logos.

Creating Custom Packaging For Small Business

Custom Boxes

Instabox – Folding Carton – Custom Retail Packaging

Is it time to create custom packaging for small business stores or e-commerce?

Much like larger corporations, small businesses need to pay attention when it comes to creating custom packaging. Packaging remains a powerful representation of a brand that can help boost its visibility and reputation in the public eye. The designs can not only impart important messages to onlookers, but they can also impact customers unboxing experiences which can go a long way in influencing their decision to make repeat purchases and the opinions they share about the brand.

Here are some issues that need to be addressed when developing custom packaging for small business use.

Choose the correct custom packaging for small business

Before you even start considering the coloring and logos that will go into packaging design, you need to find packaging that is suited to your product. For instance, you will find that packaging that is suited to selling glass bottled beverages will be different from that of toilet paper.

You need to consider such factors as security, durability, cost-effectiveness, and convenience when choosing the style and material of the box. You may also want to consider differences in packaging for when your product is on shelf displays in stores and when it is being shipped as e-commerce orders.

Once you have the type of boxes and other packaging materials that will be in use, you need to also ensure that they come in the right dimensions. Custom packaging of the right fit will be cost-effective and ensure better security for the product within.

Custom packaging artwork

Once you have settled on the style, material, and dimensions of the box you will use, you then need to delve into the outer appearance or artwork. From coloring to the use of logos, this aspect of the packaging will be a big help in distinguishing your product from that of competitors. While the prime focus should be given to the outer appearance, for certain products, and at particular price points, you may also want to also customize the interior of the box. Choose graphic designs that not only give your product a unique appearance but will also make the right impression on your target market.

Also, consider what information will be included in the design. From slogans to the business address, brand name to QR codes, ensure that you strategically include information that will also support your marketing efforts.

Custom packaging quantity

Businesses should ensure they keep a reasonable stock of packaging depending on their demand and storage capacity. They should also try to order an amount that lets them take advantage of bulk discounting that box makers provide to their clients. Make a note of peak shopping periods like Christmas when orders are likely to go up and ensure you have sufficient packaging on hand.