Benefits of Cardboard Gift Boxes

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Gift Boxes-Cardboard or plastic?

Cardboard and plastic packaging dominate the market. When deciding what material to use for gift boxes, businesses are forced to consider which option is best based on several factors. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is a matter of weighing the various factors to see which one is an overall better option that best suits your business need, image and goals.  What are the benefits of a custom gift box?

Cardboard Gift Box Environmental Impact 

This factor can affect your conscience as a living member of the planet and the image of your business in the eyes of consumers. Cardboard is a better choice when considering the environment as it is often made using recycled and sustainable wood sources. Plastics on the other hand are made using fossil fuels, whose extraction and manufacturing processes can be detrimental to the environment. Cardboard comes from renewable sources while plastics do not. The decomposition of cardboard is also better for the environment than that of plastics. Cardboard material can be fully broken down in a matter of weeks while plastics can last for hundreds of years.  

Custom Gift Box Design

Cardboard is easy to customize as the material can be adapted in a variety of ways. Designing a unique custom gift box is much easier when working with cardboard than plastic. From adding graphic designs and logos to including inserts or labels, you can more easily develop distinct packaging when using cardboard for the box. It is also more lightweight than plastic, making it more appealing to shoppers.  

Gift Box Durability and Protection

Cardboard is a durable material with sound construction that makes it able to support products of even heavier weight.  This allows it to protect contents reliably and resist damage that can come from vibrations and rough handling during transit. Plastic is more rigid and though not as easily perforated, does not offer as good protection during transit.  

Gift Box Cost

Cardboard boxes are far more affordable than their plastic counterparts. Plastics are perhaps more expensive due to their heavier weight and more limited source of raw materials used in their making. You can easily find a high-quality standard-sized cardboard box at a cheaper cost than a low-quality larger-sized box.  

When it comes to shipping costs, it is cheaper to ship products in cardboard boxes than plastic ones because they are more lightweight. Transport costs for goods are based on weight and dimensions, so the heavier the shipment, the more you would have to pay.  

Gift Box Storage

When stocking up on gift boxes, you will find that storage is easier if they are made of cardboard material. This is because a custom gift box is designed to be collapsible, which makes them easier to transport and store in smaller spaces.  

Boxes for Shipping: Ideal Size

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Boxes for Shipping Ideal Size  

When your business sells various commodities, it can be hard to ensure that you have a sufficient range of boxes for shipping in all the right sizes. This is because every product will have its own dimensions and most boxes come in set standard sizes. It can also be complicated when a customer orders several items and you have to figure out how to pack the items in the same box.  

Generally, it is better if you find yourself with a larger shipping box than a smaller one. It is difficult to contain products in a small box as the contents may strain the walls, corners, and flaps, causing them to burst free. Once the structure of the box is compromised, you cannot guarantee the safety of the contents and there is a good chance they will become damaged in transit. Receiving a damaged box with the contents exposed will not inspire confidence from your customer.  

It is better to have a larger box that you can resize to better fit the contents. This is important as leaving too much empty space in the box when shipping will leave more room for the contents to shift about while in transit and become damaged. Here is how you can alter a larger box for a better fit.  

Shipping Box Length 

When you have a box that is longer than you need it to be, you first need to establish the length required. First place the product(s) within the box after you have assembled it and measure the excess length. Take out the contents and lay the box flat. Use a razor or scissors to cut it along one corner edge. This will allow you to open up the box completely flat.  

Cut off the excess length you previously measured from one side of the box. Score the joining edges about half an inch from the edge and overlap them and attach using staples or double-sided tape. You can further reinforce this with packaging tape on the inside. Reassemble to create a smaller-sized box with a better fit for the intended contents.  

Shipping Box Height  

Again, place the contents in the shipping box and mark the desired height. Take out the contents and slice through all the corner edges to the marked height. Trim the flaps and fold them down at the new height for a better fit.  

Where you find a little extra space remains, simply use stuffing like packing peanuts, newspaper, or bubble wrap to fill the gaps and provide some extra cushioning.  

Why Cardboard Is Best For Making Boxes For Packaging

boxes for packagingE-commerce has made it so that more and more businesses have to invest in boxes for packaging to ship their goods to shoppers. Consumers have come to enjoy the convenience of being able to shop from their devices and simply wait for delivery. With packaging now becoming an essential part of trading in physical goods, businesses need to decide what materials are their best option.

Cardboard has long proven itself to be the ideal choice for packaging. It is a material with many benefits that make it the best option, whether your business is big or small. Here are the top benefits you can enjoy by choosing cardboard packaging boxes.

Lightweight Design

Cardboard material is quite lightweight. It adds minimal expense to the overall cost of shipping packages. This is a big help to businesses as e-commerce now forces them to have to factor in shipping costs when sending out orders. With concerns like logistics and rising oil prices already affecting transport costs, it makes sense to opt for packaging that will not add further burden.

Sturdy Construction

Despite being lightweight, cardboard packaging boxes can also be sturdy. More so when you have the box maker add fluting to the corrugated layers. These thicker boxes are better able to protect the contents of boxes from rough handling and journeys. They also provide additional barriers when the boxes are exposed to liquids that could damage certain products like chemicals or electronics.


Cardboard is a very affordable material made not just from wood, but also from recycled materials. This affordability means that no matter the size of the business, it remains the most cost-effective form of packaging to consider. It is also noteworthy that many box makers tend to offer good discounts on bulk purchases. This means if you can buy a bigger stock, you should to take advantage of the cheaper pricing.

Ease of Availability

You can find cardboard packaging just about anywhere. There are many retail stores you can find good stocks in various standard sizes. If you are however a business in need of bulk quantities, it is best to seek out a manufacturer. If there is no box maker in your vicinity. You can easily find several online who will be able to deliver to our location. Shopping online is also a good way to ensure affordability through price comparison. You can request quotes from different suppliers and even box samples. Choose the box maker that offers you the best value for money rather than just the cheapest price.

Cardboard Pop-Up Displays Captivation

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Corrugated pop display – Instabox

Trade events are important occasions for businesses to showcase their offering to the local market. Businesses can visit stands and learn more about why they should choose to partner or retail for these brands. Cardboard pop displays are an important aspect of the stands as they are used to attract attention and educate guests on what exhibitors have to offer. Here is why you should make them a part of your setup if you are an exhibitor.

Cardboard Pop Display: Lightweight Design

Cardboard is a lightweight material that can easily and affordably be shipped from one location to the next. Trade fair events and exhibitions tend to be held in a sequence so that exhibitors can travel across the country or territory and participate in each one. When the stand is made up of pop up displays, they can easily be shipped affordably from one place to another.

Cardboard Pop Display: Sturdiness

Despite being lightweight, these displays are quite able to hold their own. This is due to the corrugated cardboard used in their construction that makes the structure sturdier. When you have people milling around and have to keep folding up and setting up the display at each new location, you need to work with materials that are sturdy and can withstand repeated handling.

Corrugated Pop Displays: Easy Setup

One of the best aspects of corrugated pop displays is that they can easily be set up, you do not need a professional to come in and do the work for you. Because the structures easily fold, it is simply a matter of opening them up correctly and standing them in the appropriate position. Combined with being lightweight, this is work even one person can accomplish on their own.


Cardboard pop displays can be made to a wide variety of specifications. They can be made to various size dimensions, incorporate other materials like fabrics and metals, and even be fitted with wheels to allow for easy transport. They can also be further customized in terms of color, graphics, and imagery. Whatever information you want to be printed on them that is to make your brand more easily identifiable and distinct, or information on the products or services you offer, it can all be included on the exposed surfaces.


Cardboard products tend to be highly affordable, even when it comes to large corrugated pop displays. And, because of their durable design that allows for repeated use, it is an investment that will last a long time. You get excellent value for money by choosing pop up displays for your trade events.

Custom Packaging Ideas for Shirts

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Instabox – Folding Carton – Custom Retail Packaging

Custom packaging for shirts is a good idea if you are targeting the high-end market. Even with boutique stores that may still display their wares on racks and mannequins, the stock that customers end up buying will typically be in its own packaging.  

If you are a shirt manufacturer, it can help to invest in customized packaging that will impress shoppers on sight, whether it is in a store or while online shopping. Nicely designed custom retail packaging gives clothing a more luxurious feel and will make it easier for them to gift wrap the item if it is being bought as a present for another person.  

It is also a good way to protect the shirt from staining or other damage that may make it harder to appeal to shoppers. Most of this packaging can be made using lightweight materials like cardboard and paper which will not add much to the shipping cost either. Here are a few ideas on how to make this packaging more appealing and functional.  

Custom Packaging Window Display Boxes 

Custom window display boxes are a good option for high-end apparel as they allow for the contents within to be easily seen without opening the box. It is a wonderful way to present a gift item as the person gets to further anticipate the gift inside even after having torn off the wrapping. Always ensure that the shirt is properly folded and front-facing for an elegant look.  

Telescopic Boxes 

This is a good option for custom packaging as it is highly secure. Telescopic boxes are made from a mix of high-quality paperboard and grayboard that is recyclable and reusable. Though lightweight, they can also be easily stacked without fear they will damage those below. They can also be easily customized in terms of aesthetics and box dimensions.  

Custom Retail Packaging Mailers 

Consider paperboard or attire mailers. Similar in design to envelopes but more resilient, this is more flexible packaging that will make it easier to load a large number of shirts when shipping to retailers. They can also be made using recycled materials, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and let consumers know they are supporting a business that is committed to protecting the natural environment.  

For more high-end shirts, it may be worthwhile opting for custom mailers or boxes with embellishments like lithographic prints. This will provide a more enjoyable unboxing experience and make the item received appear more luxurious. You can incorporate a variety of colors, prints, logos, and other design features to better market your brand to consumers.  

3 Reasons You Should Ship Electronics In Corrugated Containers

Custom Mailer boxShipping electronics is particularly complicated when you factor in how varied in size these products can be and have a high value. They are made up of delicate parts and even slight damage to one component can render the whole device unusable. Hence why corrugated containers are considered the best option for safe shipping. When properly designed and fitted, they increase the chances that the device will arrive at its destination in good working condition.

Corrugate containers offer several benefits that make them ideal for use for this purpose. This is thanks to the thicker walls they offer than the basic cardboard options that come with just one layer of fluting.

1. Safety

Corrugated cardboard containers are highly durable and strong, especially when they have more layers of fluting. The extra layers help to make this type of box more tear-resistant and able to withstand exposure to moisture from spills. They also provide superior cushioning that protects even delicate instruments from injury over long journeys.

During transit, packages are subject to vibrations, jerking, and other impacts that could easily damage their fragile components. When properly fitted to the box and inserts, the electronics that are packaged can be expected to remain stable no matter the distance traveled and level of handling endured.

2. Customization

As indicated, fitting matters. For an electronic to be properly secured in its corrugated container, the sizing has to be right. Too big and the device may end up rattling around in the box and bumping into the walls. Too small a box and the device may threaten to bust out of its confines, resulting in exposure and possible damage. Corrugated containers can be ordered to whatever specification, ensuring that the contents are kept safe and stable.

Businesses can also customize in terms of fluting. As mentioned, the more fluting in the construction of the box, the stronger it is. So for heavier electronics, there is a need for this customization to match the protection standard needed. Other customization in terms of printing and graphics can be used to help in branding.

3. Sustainability

A growing number of businesses are realizing that the choices they make can have a significant impact on the environment. When it comes to the product packaging for electronics, it is instinctual to want to use materials that offer the highest level of safety. However, such materials like wood, plastic, and metal are not only prohibitively expensive, their production and disposal are also often damaging to the environment. Corrugate containers are a safer solution as they can be reused, recycled, and manufactured using sustainable resources. They also offer a competitively high quality of safety when correctly fitted and constructed.

Securing Documents In Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are essentially cardboard cylinders that can be used to send out documents and posters. They are a unique alternative to regular enveloped packaging and are especially popular where businesses want to run promotions or offer more aesthetically pleasing deliveries. They are also an ideal solution when the documents being sent are considered important and require extra protection.

The documents can be rolled rather than folded when being placed inside the shipping tubes. This helps keep them in a safe condition for the duration of the journey, without worry they might crease. The tube design also reduces the chances that something else will be placed on top of the documents. When the paperwork is in an envelope, it is more likely other packages may be placed on top. This can increase the prospects of the package being damaged.

No matter how secure the packaging you choose may feel, there are often some ways you can further reinforce to ensure better protection. This also applies to situations where emailing tubes are in use. Here are some tips to better secure this packaging.


Some designs of cardboard tubes make it possible for gaps or spaces to appear along the surface. This is especially common with spiral designs. When ignored, the spaces may open up further with handling. A simple solution lies in reinforcing and sealing these gaps with glue. This will limit the risk of the packaging coming undone or provide an entryway for pests or liquids that will damage the contents.

You can also consider reinforcing the bottom or either end of the tube. This can be helpful if the contents are particularly heavy and you think they might fall out of the tube. The glue will help reinforce these closures, improving the probability the package will arrive intact at its destination. Be sure to indicate which way is up or even indicate no stacking on the exterior as a reminder for careful handling.

Double Tubing

If you have mailing tubes of several sizes on hand and the documents are highly important, then you should consider double tubing. This means placing the documents in one tube and then placing that tube inside another tube of larger size. This will provide additional protection for your documents as any rough handling will likely only damage the outer tube. This can also be a good way to reuse older tubes.


Even in shipping tubes, there is likely to be some empty space after packing. Adding filler is a good way to keep the contents of the tube stable. More so if the contents are heavy and likely to be injured if there is room left for them to rub against other surfaces.

Benefits Of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes For Watches

Digitally Printed Custom Cardboard BoxWhen buying a watch, it is common practice to have it packaged in a box. Manufacturers have different materials they can use for this presentation. However, custom cardboard boxes are increasingly becoming the norm as they offer several key benefits not to be missed out on.


Despite being lightweight, cardboard material does manage to offer good protection for the contents placed within. It is sturdy and durable, allowing for watches placed inside to remain safe despite even rough handling. It is however important to keep such small items as watches stable by incorporating inserts for use in the interior. This helps keep the watch in a fixed position within the custom cardboard box and ensures its delicate design is better protected.

Other customizations can also be used to waterproof boxes, adding another form of protection for delicate instruments. The durability of these boxes is also helpful to buyers who want to retain them for ongoing storage of the watches in their collection.

Visual Appeal

Watches are not just functional timepieces. They are also fashion accessories and their aesthetic matters to buyers. Custom cardboard boxes are highly versatile in that they can be designed in various ways to appeal to buyers. They can be imprinted in many colors and patterns to help distinguish brands or make them more visually appealing.

The boxes can also incorporate windows that allow the buyer to get a good view of the product within. Die cuts, lamination, and foil are a few of the other materials that can be used to further customize these boxes to make them more attractive.


A custom cardboard box can be designed in many ways beyond just surface appearances. You can have them made to a variety of specifications that would allow them more easily used for long-term storage or display of contents. For instance, you can have them designed to package and deliver a single watch, or to keep a watch with detachable accessories like the bands and case. This would require different dimensions for each box. There is much flexibility of design accorded by cardboard material that makes it suitable no matter what type of watch is on offer.

The designs can also be mixed with other materials to achieve a more suitable aesthetic for the product. For instance, with rugged watches targeted at outdoor adventurers, you will often find plastics and wood features added to the box. Meanwhile, luxury timepieces may have velvet materials used to line the inserts for a more high-end feel.

What To Consider When Choosing a Packaging Supplier.

When choosing a packaging supplier, you need to carefully vet them on several fronts to ensure they are the right match for your business. This relationship should last years and the last thing you want is to have to go through the process of finding another supplier frequently when it could potentially disrupt your operations. Not all packaging suppliers are made the same so it is a good idea to evaluate them on these key factors before making a choice.


Packaging expenses have the potential to affect your revenue and profitability. Most businesses will factor in this cost when setting prices for their customers. The goal is to arrive at an amount that accommodates all expenses and provides a healthy profit. If you choose a supplier that is too expensive, it will either eat into your profit or cause you to hike prices above what is competitive in the market.

Comparison shopping for a supplier is a good way to ensure you are getting a fair deal on the packaging. Seek out packaging suppliers in and beyond your region and factor in everything from bulk discounts to shipping costs to establish which provider is the best option. Remember to also balance this against other factors like the quality and variety of the product when making a final decision.


There are so many types of boxes and designs to consider when looking for the right choice for your product. You need to find a packaging solution provider that can customize options to meet your needs. The boxes need to be the right fit, the design able to meet safety standards, branding demands, and much more.

Your packaging provider should have the expertise to help you identify and customize the most suitable packaging materials for your products. They also need to utilize production materials and processing that are environmentally safe.


Many businesses start with a small range of products they want to offer to the market. With time, the business grows and they expand the range of offerings. The packaging supplier you choose should be able to keep up with your growing demand in terms of both volumes of order and changes in designs. This applies not just to packaging boxes alone, but also complementary products like inserts, filler, tape, labels, and so on. Packaging suppliers that prove to be all-in-one providers will make your work more streamlined and possibly more cost-effective. You will not have to go back and forth with multiple suppliers just to handle your packaging needs.

Creating Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging, Eco Friendly Custom BoxesBusinesses have realized that eco-friendly packaging is the way to go if they want to build a good brand image and satisfy consumers’ desires to be less harmful to the environment. To be eco-friendly, packaging should be made from a sustainable natural source, be recyclable and reusable. This reduces the negative impact that the materials would have on the environment by ensuring they are not harmful if disposed of and will not tamper with the limited natural resources we have. Here are some tips on how to properly develop packaging that meets this criterion.

Find Sustainable Sources

Businesses should work with box makers that have identified sustainable sources for the materials they use in making their eco friendly boxes. There are many parts of the world where sustainable forests have been created. They apply a cycle of planting and harvesting that ensures a steady supply of raw materials for manufacturing without the need to tap into natural forest reserves. They also tend to focus on fast-growing trees and plants that can be managed and relied on for this steady supply.

Keep It Simple

When designing your packaging, it is helpful to stick to simple designs that do not involve the mixing of materials. Packaging that mixes options like cardboard with plastic can make it harder for the packaging to later be recycled. This then leads to more waste which is bad for the environment. Especially when part of the waste is not biodegradable. If you require printing on your packaging, ensure your box maker uses eco-friendly inks that will not compromise the eco-friendliness of your packaging.

Encourage Reuse

When selecting designs for your eco friendly boxes, try to choose something that will encourage reuse. Specialty packaging like mailers and folding cartons tend to have sturdier designs that encourage people to store them away for later reuse. The more such boxes get reused, the less pressure there is to produce more sustainable raw materials for manufacture. This is another benefit to the environment to aim for.

Indicate Eco-Friendliness

Ensure that your eco-friendly packaging indicates that it is made from sustainable sources and can be recycled. While consumers do want to support businesses that use this packaging, they may not necessarily know how to recognize it. When you mark your packaging appropriately, they will become more familiar and able to recognize the standard. There are different symbols you can use for this. You can also use labels that briefly detail your use of such packaging and why it matters.