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Packaging material

Most products today come in some form of packaging. The packaging material used can vary greatly based on such factors as the type of product, budget and safety desired. However, packaging plays several other important roles that make it vital for businesses that deal in physical goods to carefully consider their design and what level of investment they will put into their manufacture and customization.


Packaging of products allows consumers to distinguish one brand or product from another. Businesses need to be careful about the outward appearance of packaging to ensure their customers can easily identify their product from that of competitors. This can help boost sales and further promote the brand.


Packaging also helps to protect the contents within. Depending on the type of product, there may be a need to protect it from pests, exposure to light, heat, and moisture. Most products may also be legally required to be packaged and details of the products indicated on the packaging so that consumers have enough information to make an informed purchasing decision. With the right packaging, businesses are better able to ensure that the products they send out arrive within consumers’ reach in good condition.

Product details

As said, product packaging can help to provide vital information on the product being offered for sale. This can include weight, ingredients, and guidelines on use. All these kinds of information can be useful to consumers and further encourage them to make a purchase.


Most products can be inconvenient to distribute unless already packaged in fixed quantities. Having this kind of arrangement can also make it easy for retailers to arrange products on display for customers to pick out and buy. Therefore, the packaging is crucial for enabling easy storage and distribution of products.


Packaging of products can be customized in a variety of ways that will help with marketing a brand. The use of attractive packaging in colors that will attract shoppers and with catchy slogans can help further visibility, sales, and profit for the brand.


Packaging can be used for other purposes beyond just marketing, storing, and distributing products. The packaging material can often be used for other purposes. Cardboard boxes can be repurposed as storage or shipping boxes, while polythene bags can be used to line trash cans or even protect plants. There are many ways in which packaging materials can end up being reused, with those that are recyclable and eco-friendly being the most appreciated.

Why Order Custom Printed Packaging In Canada

digitally printed mailer box

Custom printed packaging in Canada

No matter the size of your business, it can certainly benefit from the marketing potential that comes from custom printed packaging in Canada. For small to medium-sized enterprises, in particular, the use of custom packaging can make them better able to compete against bigger brands. The outward appearance of products can heavily influence the purchasing decision of consumers by helping make a brand seem more unique and interesting. Here are more reasons to consider custom printed boxes in Alberta.

Flexibility of design

Custom packaging allows for a wide variety of specifications in design to be met. Whatever the size and dimensions of your product, you are sure to find a box maker that can customize packaging that will perfectly fit. You also have much leeway when it comes to choosing colors and what text will be included in the design. Some designs will also be guided by the type of product. For instance, packaging for foodstuffs is often simple whereas that for medicines may feature locking tabs for extra security.


Even beyond Alberta, consumers around the world have become increasingly committed to efforts for sustainability, and prefer to support businesses that adhere to such principles. This has made it essential to invest in custom printed packaging in Canada that can be recyclable and ensure no harmful effects to the environment. Whatever raw materials that are used in the construction of the packaging, inks, and packaging supplies should not contribute to land waste.
You can make a strong brand impression when your products are delivered to customers in customized packaging. This is especially important for businesses that primarily operate online and are trying to make their brand more recognizable to the public. With the right packaging, brand awareness can be built by ensuring a prominent display of the brand name, product name, brand logo, and colors. It is important to ensure that whatever features you apply to the design, are unique and therefore more memorable. Try to be as creative as possible without drawing too much on other existing brands to avoid confusion.


Many businesses have now become heavily reliant on eCommerce to grow their customer base and sales. This is because more consumers are opting to shop online and have the products they bought delivered to their doorstep. To ensure products arrive in good condition, businesses are needing to invest in a custom packaging that will appropriately safeguard commodities. Given the often-long distances and rough handling the items may suffer along the way, it has become vital to invest in a custom packaging that will prevent damage in transit. Custom packaging allows for designs and add-ons that will ensure this better security.

Making A Wholesale Counter Display More Secure

counter top display shipper

Wholesale Counter Display

A wholesale display box is a great way for a brand to market a new product. It provides a designated location where shoppers can get a glimpse of the new offering, with promotional messaging designed to tempt them into giving it a try. These displays help provide a distinct showcase of a new product away from its competitors on the regular shelving. Given the unique way in which this merchandise is being presented, it is important to take extra steps to ensure safety, especially if the items on display are of high value.

Ensure good lighting

Ensure that wherever you place the display, it is a well-lit area. Even if it is a wholesale counter display, make sure that there is good visibility and illumination so that staff can easily keep an eye on what is happening around that area. You can even strategically place some mirrors to avoid blind spots.

Keep staff alert

Staff should be reminded to keep an eye on new displays. With a product that is likely to attract plenty of attention, it can be a good idea to have some salesperson or merchandiser on hand to answer questions from prospective customers that mill around a wholesale display box. They should not be too obvious or seem to be monitoring customers. Many shoppers dislike the feeling that they are being followed around a store. As they keep an eye on the display, they should also try to keep their presence as much as possible in the background to avoid making shoppers feel uncomfortable that they are being monitored.

Use display locks

Display locks like peg hook devices allow for shoppers to see and even touch products on display, but not actually remove them from the display. This can be a good way to reduce the risk of theft or damage to items that are prone to theft or injury. You can even have your wholesale counter display customized with a lockable acrylic enclosure. This can be a good option for high-value items you want prominently displayed but not accessible to customers unless under the supervision of an employee.


Setting up your display in an area where you can have surveillance cameras monitoring is another way to safeguard the merchandise on display. To further ensure that even bad elements are discouraged from attempting any theft or damage, you can even put up signage around the area warning that it is being surveilled. The use of product tags that set off alarms if taken through electronic sensors is another form of surveilling.

How to Make Cardboard Shipping Boxes Stronger

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instabox.ca – custom shipping box


One of the reasons cardboard shipping boxes are popular with businesses is their strength. However, despite this strength, there is a limit to how much weight and rough handling they can take before they give. So if you are shipping a particularly heavy or valuable item, it is advisable to take extra measures that will better ensure the content will arrive at its destination undamaged.  

Cardboard Shipping Boxes – Edges 

Boxes are highly likely to become dented along edges. If tightly packed, they may also burst open along the same lines. It is therefore a good idea to tape up all the edges and joints as a means of reinforcing them and reducing the risk they will become vulnerable points of entry in case of rough handling. Packing and duct tape are the best options for this. They add extra strength to the structure of a printed shipping box and can even prevent moisture from penetrating. Remember to tape up the flaps at the bottom of the box as well to strengthen the base.  

Cardboard Shipping Boxes – Inserts

Inserts not only help to keep the contents of cardboard shipping boxes steady, but they can also prevent the box from collapsing. Having inserts long the length, from corner to corner, will help make the structure of the box stronger. You do not even need customized inserts as you can easily make them from spare cardboard pieces cut to fit the interior. Consider leaving a little space at the top of the box where you can fit in an insert and add some reinforcement if you intend to stack the boxes.  

Cardboard Shipping Boxes – Layers 

Adding a layer of cardboard to the very bottom interior of the printed shipping box before packing it is another way to strengthen it. Do this after you have sealed the flaps using tape. This extra foundation will allow the box to better bear the weight of the contents. Given that cardboard is so lightweight, you do not need to worry about this addition making the box much heavier.  

Printed Shipping Box – Double Boxing

If you have boxes of various sizes, you may want to consider double boxing as an added measure of security. This way, even if the outer box is perforated, exposed to liquid, or dented, the inner one will still be able to safeguard the contents. Double boxing when you have multiple boxes in stock with small variances in size will better ensure safety without adding much to the cost of shipping.  

Packing Custom Lunch Boxes Without Sogginess

Custom Food Grade Packaging

Takeaway meals have become more mainstream but are a somewhat complex issue for restaurants. How they present meals on a plate when providing in-dining services is different from how the food will present when in custom lunch boxes. It is rarely as piping hot and will often have an issue with condensation that makes the food look soggy. This is why restaurants need to invest in quality food packaging and follow packing practices that will ensure better client satisfaction when they finally settle down to enjoy their meal.


Choosing the design of a lunch box is different from that of custom music boxes. Because hot food will have steam coming off it, the packaging will need to have some form of ventilation that will prevent this air from getting trapped and ending up becoming condensation that makes food soggy. Whatever packaging you use should provide extra space or passages that allow this steam to escape and prevent moisture from building up within the container. Those made of paperboard are a good option as some passage can be provided along the folding edges for steam to escape.

Biodegradable containers

Various materials can be used to make food containers. This includes plastics and polystyrene. Unfortunately, these popular materials are not good for the environment despite often being cheap to access. Biodegradable custom lunch boxes like those made from paperboard are a better option as they can be just as cost-effective and lightweight, without harming the environment even if irresponsibly disposed of.


It is advisable to ensure that the food packaging you use, provides some room for air to circulate and escape. If the box is too tight, the food will also likely be packed tight and cause moisture to more easily land on the surface, condense, and get into the food to make it soggy.


Some food items should be wrapped in parchment paper to help keep them dry and fresh-tasting. This is especially helpful with bread meals like sandwiches. You can also pack them in a Ziploc or plastic bag, but ensure you squeeze or suck out the air.

Reduce moisture sources

Whatever food you prepare should ideally have as little moisture as possible without interfering with the taste of the food. Like with salads, it helps to ensure the greens and other ingredients are completely dry before assembly. Using a salad spinner or drying with paper towels can help reduce moisture and the likeliness the salad will urn soggy later. If adding sauces, dressing, or other wet ingredients to the dish, consider packing them separately for the customer to add them in when ready to eat.

Reasons To Invest In Corrugated Box Partitions For Fragile Products

box divider

Corrugated Box Partitions

If your business involves selling fragile products like drinks in glass bottles and Christmas baubles, then you will need packaging that can better ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece. Packaging like corrugated box partitions is necessary for such products as they can allow them to be safely transported even over long distances to end-user customers. Here is why you should add this kind of packaging to your shipping box design.

Maximum protection

Many fragile items like glass bottles are often shipped in multiple quantities. It can be dangerous to place glass bottles right next to each other and ship as they can hit each other and end up shattering and breaking open. Not only will this create a mess, but it might also require the seller to compensate the customer for the damaged delivery or send another shipment at their cost.

Corrugated box dividers help to protect fragile items from injury, by safely separating them from others and providing a cushioning effect so that even if they are rattled, the items come to no harm. They are a better option than even wrapping the bottles individually. You can rest assured that the items will arrive at their destination intact and clean. Items that are just piled in a box look untidy and can end up rolling around the bottom of the box and get dirty.


Just like many cardboard boxes, corrugated box partitions are made of the same material and are therefore highly durable this means that even after taking delivery of the items, you can reuse the same dividers for storage or even arts and crafts as they retain their rigid design well. Being made of cardboard, they can also be easily recycled, especially as they are rarely branded or laminated. They can be easily used for the production of new corrugated boxes and dividers.


Corrugated box dividers are just as affordable as corrugated shipping boxes. They are also often cheaper than other options for inserts in boxes like foam inserts. Chances are if you buy them from the same provider as your corrugated boxes, the larger order may qualify you for a bigger discount, making it, even more, cost-effective.

Better organization

Using dividers when shipping multiple items helps with better organization as each item is separated into its own even section. It makes for a neater presentation and a more satisfactory unboxing experience for the customer. They will likely be impressed with your brand and given the more positive experience, will be more inclined to recommend your brand or make additional purchases from you.

Why Send Documents In Shipping Tubes

Instabox-customize mailing tube/shipping tube

Shipping tubes from Instabox.ca

When you need to send documents, there is often concern that they might be damaged in transit which is the reason shipping tubes are considered the safest option. Important documents being torn or ending up wet are a reasonable worry when you watch some shocking shipping videos on social video that show many instances of mishandling and carelessness along the way. These incidents have made it less desirable to simply place documents in envelopes and send them on their way. Here is why you should consider fiber tubes for your shipping needs.

No Bending

While folding paper may not seem such a big deal, it can make documents look unkempt. If the documents are important enough, folding may even interfere with the legibility of the text along which the fold has been made. This is why people prefer to use envelopes that are large enough to keep the documents flat.

However, if the envelope is thin, there is a chance the documents could be folded anyway. Storing the documents in a tube can help ensure the papers are never folded and can be easily flattened when extracted.


Shipping tubes have a rigid design thanks to the cardboard material that is used in their construction. They can be designed to be water-resistant, meaning that even if exposed to moisture, the contents can remain dry and safe. Their design also means the tubes can absorb shocks well during transit. So even if the tube is dropped or subjected to rough handling during transport, the documents will still arrive at their destination in good condition.


Documents that are packaged in a tube give the impression that they are important and extra care is being given by the business that packaged them. This reflects positively on the business and can even promote their brand if the tubes have been customized with branding information.

Shopping Cost Savings

The shipping costs for tubes can be less than that of traditional options like envelopes or boxes. It is especially true of items that may be too long to fit in a box but are also quite narrow. Because shipping companies consider the dimensions of a package and weight, you may find with smaller dimensions, a tube could be cheaper than other options.

Reuse and Recycling

These tubes are made using cardboard material that is durable and therefore makes it possible to reuse them multiple times before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. When it finally becomes unusable, the material remains eco-friendly and capable of being recycled.

Cardboard Carton Boxes for Moving

Cardboard shippping boxes

Instabox.ca – cardboard carton – shipping box

Moving businesses require the use of various shipping supplies to carry out their work of packaging home and office furniture, electronics, and other possessions for shipment to a new location. Cardboard carton boxes are a significant portion of the packaging materials used by such businesses for good reasons. 

Cardboard Carton Boxes: Affordable 

In any business, one of the key goals is to minimize costs. The good thing with cardboard is that not only is it cheap, but it is also still highly effective at its job. So even if you are minimizing costs, you are not sacrificing quality.  

The Strength of a Carton 

A carton is made from cardboard material that is durable and strong. Even significantly heavy items can be well-protected in cardboard boxes made with thicker walls. This makes it ideal for use by moving companies that often have a variety of heavy to light items to pack and ship. It also makes them better able to withstand any rough handling or travel over dilapidated roads while in transit.  

Cardboard Carton Different Sizes 

Cartons can be ordered in various sizes and strengths. As said, the thicker the walls or added fluting, the stronger the box. When running a moving business, you will find that your clients have items of various sizes that need to be relocated, so you need packaging that can accommodate these variations. Even if the items do not perfectly fit inside the box, you can still opt for a slightly larger-sized carton, and fill up the void with filler material or by wrapping the contents. Moving businesses that understand the importance of branding can also have their boxes customized with graphics, logos, and other information that helps them to market their business.  


Cardboard carton boxes are durable and can often be reused severally before they become too worn or damaged. Many customers that engage moving companies do not require shipping boxes beyond the move and are happy to let the movers keep the boxes even if they bought them. This is another way moving companies can save on shipping costs, by providing the boxes and taking them away for later reuse.  

Cardboard Carton Storage 

Cartons can be easily folded and flattened. This makes them easy to stack and store in a transport vehicle. They are also lightweight, so you typically do not need any special equipment to take them into a property to start packing items and later when unpacking. This ease in being able to handle the primary packaging material helps make cartons the best choice for moving businesses. 

Simple Basics for Shipping Tags

Custom cardboard box, shipping tags

Instabox.ca – custom cardboard box – shipping tags

Shipping materials to customers has now become an essential part of business as online shopping takes hold. Businesses of all sizes now need to prepare packaging and shipping tags that will enable products to arrive safely at the correct destination. The information on the shipping tag is of special importance as it directs shippers on where they need to get the product. Getting this information right is highly crucial as even a small mistake can lead to delays or the complete loss of a shipment. Here are details you need to pay keen attention to when getting ready to label a shipping box.  

Address details information is what will inform shippers on where they need to deliver the package to. There are four main sections to any international address. With many small and medium-sized businesses now also accommodating international orders for their products, you need to ensure that the correct country is indicated, even if the package is being shipped domestically.  

You also need to ensure clear detailing of the postcode/city/province of the country. The correct street address is also required. A name must also be indicated to know who should receive the package.  

Shipping Tags: Country name 

As said, indicating the country the package is to be sent to is important. Do not use abbreviations. Always indicate the full name of the country at the very bottom row of the address, preferably n capital letters.  

Shipping Tags: Street address and postcode 

Depending on the country, you may need to indicate a street address or P.O. Box number. If delivery is to a street address, you may also need to indicate a building or apartment number. If there is a restriction on characters for these additional lines, you may need to abbreviate some information.  

The next row should indicate a postcode, city, or province. Abbreviations may be used to represent certain states or provinces, but do verify you have used the correct ones. Some destinations may not have postcodes so if you are still required to indicate one, just add zeros. 


With international shipments it is important to ensure the name on the shipping tags is correctly spelled. Ideally, it should be as per the person’s name on their national identification, indicating all names in the correct order. Many authorities may require that the person picking the package provide some form of national identification whose names should match up with the details on the shipping tag. Where there is a discrepancy, the package may not be released to the person.  

The Best Cardboard Packaging Solution

Mailer box cardboard packaging solution

https://www.instabox.ca – mailer box

What is the best cardboard packaging solution? Whenever a business starts to sell physical products, they have to decide on how it will be packaged. Cardboard packaging companies provide several standard sizes for their cardboard boxes easily on demand. However, there is more benefit derived from opting for customized packaging, even though it may result in a slightly higher cost and take longer to deliver.  

Cardboard Packaging Companies: Protection 

Customized packaging protects the contents better than when you use standard-sized packaging from cardboard packaging companies. The better fit ensures the contents are not too big or small for the space provided, hence reducing the risk that the products will rattle around inside or threaten to burst out of their packaging while in transit. This improves the chances that the products will arrive at their destination in good condition.  

Cardboard Packaging Companies: Minimal Waste 

Customization is an ideal cardboard packaging solution as it ensures minimal waste of packaging materials. Since the dimensions and other features like inserts are designed to perfectly fit the product, you do not need to make adjustments like cutting away some parts of the box so the contents fit well. The perfect fit also reduces the need for additional packaging like fillers to fill empty spaces in the box.  

Cardboard Packaging Companies: Space Saving

Custom packaging usually provides a snugger fit for products than standard sizes that are often larger than necessary. When you have boxes with a smaller fit for products, it becomes easier to store them as they will take up less storage space. It also means that when shipping the products, the orders will take up less space on pallets and in containers, allowing for reduced shipping costs.  

Cardboard Packaging Solution: Branding 

You can customize cardboard boxes in a variety of ways. The surfaces provide an opportunity for branding that will boost the visibility of your business in the market. Thanks to digital printing, you can apply all types of designs and colors to a box quickly and affordably. You can also share information on the product and contacts for your business on the packaging. This helpful information and its easy visibility can help foster better relationships with customers.  

Cardboard Packaging Solution: Eco-Friendliness 

As long as you are using cardboard for your packaging, you are helping preserve the environment. This material can be made from sustainable sources, is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable all these factors make it a good option that helps to protect the environment. Using Eco-friendly packaging can help boost the reputation of your business and encourage customers to remain loyal as you share the same values.