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Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes for Heavy Items

Not all Corrugated Boxes are the same

Corrugated cardboard boxes have been used in the shipping industry since many decades.

However, there is a great variety of cardboard shipping boxes available out there, and not all boxes are best suitable for your needs. There are many factors that need to be considered while deciding for shipping boxes such as size, shape, weight, durability, strength and cost of course.

Exploring the 3 Most Common Types of Cardboard Box Material

The term ‘Cardboard’ is used for a wide range of products, designed for many different applications and different scale of durability. Following are the three main types of cardboard box material:

· Paper – It is thin and light material, which is made by suppressing wet wooden fibers. It is mainly used as a packaging material of small items that don’t weigh much.

· Paperboard – Also known as ‘Cardstock’, Paperboard material is thicker and stronger that paper material. It is used a storage box or containers of varied items like soft drinks, ready-to-eat food product, etc.

· Corrugated Cardboard – It is also called corrugated fiberboard material. It comprises of ridge shaped center cardboard material which is surrounded by flat paperboard lines on its both sides. Corrugated cardboard is used to build heavy duty shipping boxes that are used to store and ship heavier products like auto parts and canned goods.

Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes for Extra Protection

In order to double protect heavy items such as TVs, computers, machineries, tools, etc. while on the road or during manhandling, heavy duty shipping boxes along with box accessories like foam inserts, pads, trays and dividers are used to package the items.

Heavy duty cardboard shipping boxes offer extra protection and allow shippers to stack products on one another without compromising on safety and security of the products inside. These shipping boxes are easily available off-the-shelf, and you can order them online by making a few clicks.

However, if you want to go further and add one more layer of security as well as strength, you can order custom designed triple wall cardboard shipping boxes. Triple wall boxes are a good alternative of small sized wood crates; they are lighter in weight, more affordable and durable enough to ship heavy industrial products.

Heavy Duty Boxes for Space Optimization

By making use of heavy duty cardboard shipping containers, shippers can consolidate multiple small sized items into one carton. This way, shippers can make the most of the truck size available and also save a considerable amount on transportation of goods. Moreover, with this approach, number of trips can also be reduced, meaning you are not just saving on packaging material, but you are also contributing to green environment by saving fuel used in the transportation of your goods.

So, regardless if you want to buy off-the-shelf small shipping boxes or custom designed triple wall heavy duty boxes, hire the best packaging company in your city.


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