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Packaging Supplies For Shipping

It is important that you take time to use the proper packaging supplies and shipping accessories to ensure that your item arrives on time without damages. With three simple steps your package will be ready to ship.

Step 1: Use a Brand New Corrugated Box

While it is possible to reuse a corrugated box, when it comes to shipping it is better to go with a brand new box. Every time that a box is used for shipping it loses some of its structural integrity. If you use a new box, you can be sure that the strength of your box has not been weakened by past use. As with all packaging supplies, make sure that your box is the most lightweight and smallest dimension possible for the item you are sending. This will protect you from additional costs of shipping for a larger container.

Step 2: Protect Your Item

Ideally, when you package your item using packaging supplies like paper wrap, corrugated dividers and foam packing peanuts you will be able to protect your items from moving around. Any movement of your items during shipping can cause damage by products bumping together. You should wrap each item separately and keep at least two inches of padding between breakable items.

Step 3: Close Box and Label Correctly

Using shipping accessories like a tape gun and 2 inch wide pressure sensitive tape or nylon reinforced filament tape will assist you in securing your items. Be sure to use 3 strips of tape at the bottom and top of the box along the three edge seams. This will ensure that the openings do not open unexpected during transit.

Other shipping accessories that will help with effective shipping are shipping labels. Be sure that when you fill in the shipping address that you include the entire address, including the name of the recipient, the whole street address with postal code and the suite or apartment number if there is one. The more complete your shipping label is, the more likely your package will get where it needs to go.

When you have all the shipping accessories and packaging supplies that you need on hand, shipping and packaging becomes a walk in the park. You know that your items will get where they need to be, and that your reputation for high quality goods will remain intact.


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