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Adding POP Display Cardboard Products to Your Business

There are plenty of ways that people can market their business. They can advertise on television, on the radio or in newspapers. They can create a website to attract more customers to their business. These forms of advertising are designed to attract people into a business location. Once a person is in the business, the marketing should not stop.

A point-of-purchase display cardboard setup is a way to get the people that are already in the business location to spend more money than they originally planned to. Point of purchase advertising is not a new idea. Supermarkets have done it for years. They place the products that they want to sell at the front of the aisles so more people will see them. The customers may think that they are a great deal, but the reality is that they are just something that the store wants to sell more of.

That is where POP display cardboard setups can come in. When the cardboard displays are placed in areas where customers will stop to look at them, they will often by what is being displayed. The impulse to buy will be directed tied to how good the display is. Many times the display is much more important that the product that is being displayed when trying to convince someone to buy it.

There are several things that should be considered when using a point-of-purchase cardboard display.

  • Where to place it – In part this will depend on the size of the display. Small displays are often placed near the register. This is the perfect place, because a person is often forced to wait in line and will have the time to see what is being displayed. If the display is too large for this area, any other area where customers are likely to stop for a few seconds are usually best. Near the restrooms or by a customer service area are common places for them. No matter what the displays should be in an obvious location to get the best results.
  • The graphics – There needs to be a message to the POP display cardboard. It should identify what is in the display and it should be able to excite the people that are looking at the display. The sales made by the displays are impulse buys and in order to get them, a person has to feel like they are getting something special. That can be achieved through great graphics.
  • Sturdiness – The display needs to be sturdy enough to last for a reasonable period of time. If the display looks old and worn out, it will not work. A display that looks like it is strong will attract more people to see what is being offered.


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