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Use Product Packaging Solutions to Ensure Safe Delivery

As a business, you rely on your product packaging to get your items to their intended destination safely and without damage. This usually requires you to cater the packaging items that you choose to meet the needs of what you’re shipping. For example, packing peanuts are a great option for electronics since they can reduce electrical charges that may occur during transport. In order to come up with the best shipping strategy possible, it is important that you consider all available packaging options.

Types of Product Packaging that help protect your Shipment

Kraft Paper

As an eco-friendly packaging option, Kraft paper is a great selection for filling in voids. A variety of styles and sizes exist, and materials can be 100% recycled. This packaging option is usually sold in a precut sheet, and it can roll easily when installed into a paper cutter.

Loose Fill

Loose fill is sometimes referred to as packing peanuts, and it is a great option for shock absorption and impact resistance. Recycled and virgin options are also available, and anti-static varieties are the kind that can limit static charges. If you have a variety of shipping needs in which loose fill could be useful, a gravity dispenser could make using this option extremely convenient.

Foam Fillers

Foam fillers are available in wraps and in pieces to protect edges and corners. They work to protect packages by utilizing tiny air pockets that can cushion items against impact when they are being handled. Air foam sheets can be found in a variety of sizes, and both pouches and pre-cut sheets can be used for added convenience. Foam edges and corners work to protect boxes found inside boxes, and they cradle the items tightly within the outer packaging.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is possibly one of the most loved and well known of the packaging solutions, and it is a great way to protect against damage in the event that an irregularly shaped item results in open spaces within a shipping box. It is usually the first insulation layer found closest to the contents of your package, and it allows your items to be secured. This material can be found in rolls, sheets, or pouches, and bubble wrap with larger bubbles can work to provide especially heavy duty protection. Adhesive bubble wrap is another option, and this comes with a sticky surface that will stick to the contents of your package for protection without leaving behind a residue.


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