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Important Information for Using Shipping Tubes

People or businesses needing to ensure their most delicate items arrive at their final destination without damage, often choose shipping tubes as their packaging solution. These tubes are great for mailing artwork, blueprints, and designs, as they don’t require the item to be folded or to have creases. By rolling up the item and placing it into the tube, even the most oddly shaped of items can easily be packaged and shipped across the country.

Things to Consider when Selecting Your Shipping Tubes

When choosing a mailing tube, it is important to consider some key aspects. First, ensure that your shipping tube is developed from a sustainable material, such as plastic or cardboard. In some cases, plastic will be the better option because it can protect the item from water damage, but these packages may be more expensive than a cardboard option. Additionally, heavy duty cardboard mailing tubes can also offer high levels of durability and protection.

Finding a tube that is the appropriate size is also vital when selecting a mailing tube. Most importantly, the diameter of the tube should be considered, as you will need to roll your item tighter than the width of the tube. Some tubes in which you can adjust the length may be available.

If you are a business owner, you may want to consider branding your mailing tube so that your business name or logo is displayed during transport. This can help to increase your company’s brand recognition while providing clients and potential customers with a positive first impression of your business. Tubes can be colored, plain, or even clear, but it is important to remember that a clear tube will make your items visible to the world.

Using a Mailing Tube

Mailing tubes are mandatory if you and your business do a significant amount of shipping and mailing. These packaging solutions are designed for shipping large paper items, and they typically have removable plastic caps on each end so that inserting and taking out items is an easier process. Others have ends that simply fold in on themselves before snapping shut to seal.

When using a mailing tube, it is important to ensure that your item isn’t bent or crinkled when pushing down to form the fold or to secure the plastic cap. You should also be sure that you don’t leave too much extra space, as this could cause your document to slide back and forth continuously. Instead, determine how much space your document will take up, and then purchase a shipping tube of that size.


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