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What Types of Packaging Supplies Do You Need

If you have to ship products for your business, you will need to be concerned about the packaging supplies you will use. The supplies serve many different purposes. They protect the contents of the package from damage during the shipping process. They keep the package securely closed until it is opened by the individual that is supposed to receive it. They identify the location where the package is supposed to be shipped to. When it comes to retail packaging supplies, the need to market the business also comes into play. With all of these needs, choosing the right supplies can be difficult. Every business may have different needs, but there are some things that are essential to have when you are getting packaging supplies.

    Shipping boxes

    The first thing that is needed to ship anything is a box to put it in. There are different materials that can be used. For the strongest boxes, corrugated cardboard is often the best choice. Other materials for the boxes may be needed depending on what is being shipped. The size and shape of the box will also be considered when choosing the right boxes for shipping.

    Protective materials

    There are different ways to protect the contents of the boxes. Paper, confetti, packaging peanuts are all materials that can be used to fill the empty spaces of the box. One of the popular retail packaging supplies for protection that is being used is plastic bags filled with air.


    Cardboard dividers can separate the products in the boxes. These dividers can keep the contents from shifting around and can also protect what is inside. These are commonly used for shipments that include bottles.


    The tape will seal the box once the product has been put into the box. The tape should securely close the box and should not be affected by different weather conditions. It should also be big enough to make sure that the box stays closed.

    Shipping labels

    One of the most important packaging supplies is the shipping label. This provides the shipper with a place to put the destination of the boxes. It also allows the business to identify where the box is coming from and can help create brand awareness.

These are the essential packaging supplies that a business will need to send their products to the customers. There may be other items that can help in different ways for the business, but they are not always necessary.


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