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Various Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

cardboard shipping Boxes
Shipping boxes are the most important feature when it comes to the safety of the products being shipped in those boxes. The boxes to be chosen should be in accordance with the content and size of the products that need to be shipped.

For clothing and non-breakable products, a single-walled box is a good option. But for heavier and delicate products like porcelain and glass, a box with multiple walls is preferred.  In this article, some of the types of cardboard shipping boxes are discussed, have a look below to know more about them in detail. Choosing the right cardboard shipping boxes is critical to get your products where they are going, safely and in one piece. The wrong shipping container can leave your customer with a bad impression if their products arrive broken or damaged before they receive them.

Packing Wallets

If you want to transport shallow items, then these are the best-suited cardboard shipping boxes for various purposes. These boxes let you place your products conveniently at the center of these boxes so even if there is tilting, the products will sit firmly inside the boxes.

Self-Locking Boxes

These self-locking boxes are the ones perfect for shipping smaller packages. These boxes also have the advantage of being able to customize and adjust as per the needs of the customers.

Full Overlapping Boxes

These boxes have flaps that cover the package entirely from the top to bottom creating flaps. The multiple flaps make the boxes stronger and thus can be used to transport heavier materials. Some boxes even come stitched to provide for more strength to the boxes.

Archive Boxes

This is yet another kind of cardboard shipping boxes that come with a lid thereby giving you the option to stack it for a longer period of time. These boxes are also cheaper as compared to their other counterparts that are used for shipping products.

If you are in search of any particular shipping box in Maple Ridge B.C., look for the cardboard boxes to suit your convenience and products you are shipping. There are also innumerable designs available for cardboard boxes depending on the type of cardboard you are using for the shipment of your products. Using the right shipping items is important to not only give your client a great product, but also advertise your company along the entire route.

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