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5 Surefire Tips To Get A Packaging Design That Sells

According to Wikipedia, packaging is an art, science and technology of enclosing and protecting products for storage, distribution, sales and usage. The process of product packaging includes the designing, assessment and production of containers.

Today, product packaging has come out as a separate industry in itself. Package designs are playing crucial role in making and destroying of brands. A sizable consumer products industry relies heavily on packaging designers these days.

Whenever you visit the supermarkets, malls, stores and any other places where products are sold, you will always see that the products are wrapped in a packaging container. Container may vary in size, shape and color, and these are the factors that help you locate your favorite brand or product in a blink of an eye.

If you are looking for a packaging design idea that conveys the right message in the right manner to your targeted audience, check out these 5 can’t-fail tips:

1. Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

Creative product packaging establishes both physical and psychological bond with the consumers. The design of the packaging speaks about the product inside, the company that owns it, or brand as a whole.

So, if you have the right statement to be conveyed, don’t wait till the end of the product development cycle. Rather, start gathering good design ideas from the very beginning. Conduct a research on your target niche and find out what they want to see or what their requirements are.

2. Less is More

Sometimes, the companies overdesign the packaging in hope for it to stand out on the shelf, which ultimately result in a negative outcome for the brand. If you don’t want your packaging design strategy to back-fire, keep it simple, to-the-point and effective.

3. Be Different

As reported by FMI (Food Marketing Institute), the average supermarket in America has approximately 40,000 items on sale. That shows how tough is the competition for product owners. If you want to outshine your rivals on the shelf, you have to be different. Design a unique packaging that separates your product from its competitors and neighbors.

4. Bring Authenticity

This is what is inevitable in the ideas of great packaging designers and big brands. Your main purpose behind packaging is to grab attention of the customers, but this isn’t the end of the game.

Say, if you have portrayed an image of your product in the packaging carton which is nowhere similar to the original product. The customer won’t pick your product again, even if your packaging idea is the finest. Embrace authenticity in your packaging design; use custom printed package labels or imprint the company address or contact detail, so customers can reach you when needed; don’t over blow the visuals.

5. Add Some Functional Value

This is mainly application to ready-to-eat food products and other consumer products. In this market segment, you will see a number of products whose packaging isn’t just creative, relevant and informative, but it is functional as well.

But how do you do that? Well, you can create an easy-to-open packaging, imprint directions to use your products, and put an additional item or element that make it easier for the customers to use the product.

No matter if you want a design idea for small shipping boxes or consumer product packaging, hiring a professional packaging designer is a must today.


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