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How Product Packaging can Make a Difference in your Business?

Big Brands’ packaging are transforming

Pepsi, the king of beverages, modified the look of its can or bottles for only 10 time in the last century. However, this year, this world-famous soft drink brand is planning to launch a new can design almost every week. Kleenex, an international brand of facial tissues, bathroom tissues and many other paper-based products, used square and rectangular packaging boxes for 4 decades, and then moved to oval packaging boxes now.

Coors Light, a light beer product by the world’s seventh largest brewing company -Coors Brewing Company, bottles features packaging labels that become blue when the beverage is cooled at the right temperature. Have you ever used the kid’s special soap bottle by Huggies? It has an LED that is programmed to flash consistently for 20 seconds to help children know how long they need to wash their hands.

Packaging isn’t just to hold or protect your products

Companies selling consumer products are now investing a large chunk of money in marketing and advertising their products. With the fastest trend of the internet and over hundreds of TV channels, the businesses can’t afford to miss on product advertising. Packaging today has become an inevitable part of product branding and advertising.

The companies are using various types of packaging solutions to boost sales by grabbing the customers’ attention, who always take the decision to purchase the product at the last minute while gazing at the shelf in a store or a mall, be it online or offline.

Packaging is a powerful way to convey your message to your targeted audience. Gone are the days when companies can sustain their packaging designs for many years. Today, the marketing professionals give emphasize on a product appeal by launching new packaging style or type at a regular interval. – as said by the CEO of a renowned brand agency.

Consumers’ Demands Drive the Packaging Industry

Consumers have also showcased a major shift in their consumption methods. The smart users are now considering the visual appeal of the products available on the shelves. Advertising companies are using attracting packaging supplies to meet the purpose of their clients, the product owners.

Results of a survey conducted by one of the top ten packaging companies asserted the fact that end users today expect something new every time they enter the store to buy the products. The demand and anticipation of consumers change so fast that the companies need to refresh their packaging almost every year.

However, there are several other reasons why companies are shifting to new packaging solutions; some want to shrink the carton size and shape to best fit the products and save cost on shipping, some want to make the containers more functional to stand out in the market, and some want to contribute in environmental sustainability by using recyclable product packaging.

Using effective packaging products like custom designed packaging boxes, packaging tapes, package labels and POP displays, the companies can talk to their customers in the most affordable way.

The packaging industry is yet to experience a tremendous growth and transformation. You may soon find packaging bags with a nice aroma in it, or may be something else. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most widely used packaging materials.


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