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9 Factors That Will Drive the Packaging Industry in 2013

The global packaging industry turnover in 2012 is estimated to be $460 billion, which shows the growing demand of product packaging worldwide. In addition, the latest market research performed by IPSOS public affairs in the USA reveals that over 34 percent consumers are demanding a change and more creativity in food packaging as well as in beverage packaging, which is quite higher than 24 percent consumers who categorized as price higher. Design, functionality and ease of unpacking have become an integral part of product packaging these days.

The packaging industry is seeking designers who can break the conventional styles and types and come up with new packaging solutions for the 21st century consumers. Many new companies have been emerging in the market to tap the maximum share of packaging cartons. Check out these 9 factors that will drive the packaging industry in the current year:

  1. New Age Consumers Demands

    “Customer is king” – you might have read this sentence thousands of times and I am using it one more time here as the packaging industry isn’t an exception to it. The consumers are now focusing on the packaging of the products they buy. Many companies have already integrated product packaging as a part of their marketing campaign and relishing in profitable results.

  2. Creativity

    Creativity in product packaging can help businesses enhance their market reputation. The large-scale enterprises have increased their investment in packaging and labeling of products for the current year. Innovation in folding packaging of the products will help the packaging companies set new milestones in the industry.

  3. Social Media Integration

    Social media platforms will bring a number of opportunities for packaging companies throughout the year. The zero moment of truth will truly work for packaging industry in 2013.

  4. Build Up New Processes

    The company will focus on preventive issues and risks in order to reinforce their processes to match the international standards of quality packaging.

  5. Flexibility

    This is another major parameter that plays crucial role in the unprecedented growth of global packaging industry. Flexible packaging has become inevitable in the current markets.

  6. Packaging that Speaks

    Yes, you heard me right. Some brilliant packaging designers have made smart use of packaging options available in the market and brought to the table highly interactive packaging that speaks volumes for the product inside it as well as about the company that owns it.

  7. Reusability

    People are becoming more aware of the environmental issues and thus the demand of recyclable packaging solutions has increased by manifold in the current year. Thus, packaging companies are focusing more on corrugated shipping boxes and cardboard box accessories.

  8. Digital Printing

    This has become a powerful tool attract the consumers and turn them into potential customers. With the continuous advancement in the graphic design industry, the packaging companies often come up with the new design and prints in the packaging boxes.

  9. Clear Cuts

    Clear cuts and shapes of packaging boxes can raise the bars on quality and won trust of consumers. Advanced machines and tools are used to obtain clean design in shipping boxes.

Gone are the days of plain packaging. Now businesses are looking for custom packaging solutions and thus they prefer to hire professional packaging designers.


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