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Cardboard Tubes – A Packaging Solution for Smart Businesses

Regardless of what industry you work with, there are scenarios when you need to mail, ship or store important papers, which can be any business document, banner, poster or any material. And this is when cardboard tubes come on the scene; these tubes are the ideal packaging solution for articles like blueprints, research papers and crafted item. These shipping tubes safeguard the merchandise inside it, optimizing the space, and leave a good impression on receivers.

Mailing tubes typically have removable plastic or metal caps at the end, so one can insert and take out the article easily. If you do a lot of mailing and shipping, mailing tubes, also called shipping tubes and postal tubes, are a must for you. These tubes are available in various sizes to best fit most of the merchandise items. The majority of the tubes used in retail packaging don’t exceed the length of 122 cm (48 inches).

Over a span of the last ten years, the market demand of the mail tubes has increased by manifold. Below are the major benefits of picking cardboard mailing tubes for your business packaging needs:

There is a size for every article!

Cardboard material is very easy to manufacturer. There are a large number of packaging companies that offer almost every size of tube containers. So, you can easily find the container that best fit your article size. If you want to ship some important business papers ensuring they reach the client without having a single crease on it, you are best to select a circular tube of the exact size.

Dream any shape

Typically, off-the-shelf mailing tubes are in cylindrical shape. But you can dream almost any odd shape and the professional mailing tubes manufacturers can make it feasible for you. The packaging companies offer custom-designed shipping tubes, or shipping boxes, to meet various needs of the customers and clients. To make the shipping containers look more attractive, you can ask the packaging companies to embrace a good printed design with your business logo and address over it.

Light or Heavy? It Isn’t a Problem!

Is your shipment light or heavy in weight? This answer will help you determine the type of the mail tubes to choose. Cardboard mailing tubes are available in combination of different materials such as plastic, glass and metal. For example: If you want to ship business document or any other thing of light weight, you may select cardboard shipping tubes with plastic caps.

In the contrast, if you want to package a heavy article, you may choose from a collection of cardboard heavy duty shipping boxes available in the market. Cardboard tubes with metal interior and metal caps at both the ends offer higher ruggedness and durability.

They’re just a click away!

Instabox offers top-quality cardboard mailing tubes at the most competitive rates. Buying shipping tubes online in bulk will help you save a large amount, as you will get them at retail prices.


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