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Benefits of Buying Wholesale Boxes

heavy duty shipping box
A growing number of small and medium businesses are finding themselves in need of packaging to deliver products to their clients. Fewer consumers are visiting brick-and-mortar establishments. Rather, they are making use of e-commerce platforms to make their purchases. This is where having a stock of wholesale boxes makes sense. Making a bulk purchase of packaging materials like boxes can be a big help to the business in several ways.

Saves Costs

Wholesale boxes typically come at a discount. They are much more expensive when bought from a retail store or through some other middleman. When you source from a box manufacturer or wholesaler in bulk quantities, the cost per unit is far cheaper. This reduces expenses and can mean a better profit margin for the business. In fact, many suppliers will ship the boxes to you for free if the order is large enough and even if the supplier is based far away. This means you have more room to seek quotes from suppliers from further afield.

Easy Availability

When you have a good stock of boxes, you do not need to worry about being able to fulfill your orders even during peak shopping periods. Running low on boxes can mean a slowdown in getting the packages ready for shipment. Such delays can affect the flow of business, the impression made on customers, and even the reviews your business may get.

Flexible Design Options

A wholesale corrugated box can come in a variety of dimensions. You can have it customized by the box manufacturer to better fit the sizing of your products. This can help lower the cost of shipping and provide better protection for the contents. Again, when buying a variety of sizes of boxes in bulk, you will find that the cost per unit will be lower when bought from a box manufacturer or wholesaler. Many box makers can even further customize the boxes with branding which will help better identify your business with the product being sent out. This will often cost more but is still a profitable investment.


You might think that cardboard boxes will deteriorate with time. This is not true. When properly stored, the boxes will continue to serve you well as demanded. This makes ordering bulk orders of these boxes a reasonable purchase. As your stock is reduced, you can then order more of the type that has been used up the most, again, in bulk quantity without fear.

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