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Box Inserts – The Safety Net for all of your Products

From start to finish, the product that you are trying to market must have all the necessary elements that will make it a success, and a custom box with all space necessary to hold the product is just as essential. That is why box inserts are so important when you want to pack items such as bottles and other fragile items.

When to go for Inserts

Inserts are not for all products and it is advisable to use them only when necessary, since they can add to the overall cost of the product. It is best to use inserts when –

  • The product is fragile and susceptible to breakages
  • When there are extreme travelling conditions or when the journey is over great distances
  • When there are extra spaces which might cause the contents to spill or break
  • When any items have to be packed compactly in one box

Box Inserts

You can get box inserts of the following types –

  • Cardboard – they are used to form partitions for bulk packing of products in one box.
  • Corrugated – these inserts are thicker than cardboard ones and offer added strength to the packaging. However, their one disadvantage is that they reduce the space inside the box because of their thickness.
  • Chipboard inserts –
    • Chipboard platform inserts – while they can be used to partition the box, its main purpose lies in raising the bottom of the box to form a platform for the product.
    • Die cut chipboard inserts – they are an inexpensive way of packing products in the cavities securely.

Although there are standard inserts available, when it comes to inserts for boxes the greatest advantages come those that are custom made.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts will give a custom fit for the product that you want to ship. Die cut foam inserts are also available in various colors which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Inserts, like foam inserts, are generally used to ensure safe packaging and peace of mind for the customer. Other types of inserts are vacuum formed plastic, peachboard and vinyl, which can be used depending upon the needs of the product. Vacuum formed inserts are a great way to pack your products and they are visually pleasing as well. However, the most important thing to remember is whether they are suitable for your products and not simply select them because they popular or visually stimulating.


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