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Box Dividers for Packing Solutions

Box dividers offer a lot of packing solutions and are commonly used when there are two or more items to be packed in a single box. They are not space fillers, but rather, they are space savers. There are many types of dividers available on the market and if none of them are suitable for your needs, you can custom order some to meet your specific needs. The main idea is to keep the packed items from moving and therefore, prevent them from breaking.

Uses of Box Dividers

  • Box dividers are used to maximize and creatively use space. You can pack tiny objects next to one another increase the number of items you can safely pack into one box. Just dumping objects into a box is far from aesthetically pleasing.
  • They offer extra protection when packing delicate and breakable objects such as glasses and bottles. They will keep the packed objects from bumping into each other cause them to crack or break. Packing peanuts can fill spaces, but it is the divider that will prevent the contents from moving or shifting.
  • The compartments also enable neat packaging and better sorting of the products within. You can get whatever size you need and there are many slot designs to choose from.
  • You do not have to individually pack the items, which can save on packaging materials cost. They also save time and effort needed to pack numerous.

Types of Dividers

  • Fiber partitions –when protection is the priority, then go in for fiber partitions which can be made to precise measurements that will allow your products can fit neatly into the box, much like a jigsaw puzzle. They are thin and take up less space, which makes them ideal for packing large quantities.
  • Corrugated dividers – although they take up more space, they are often used because they are strong and can hold heavier objects. Corrugated box partitions can be cut into any shape easily and they cost less to manufacture.
  • Chipboard partitions – they also take up less space and they are even cheaper to produce than corrugated dividers and have similar functionality.

Box partitions can be easily manufactured and you can get die cut partitions to match your exact requirements. Corrugated partitions come virtually dust free and will not come with uneven edges. Some companies also make embossed numbers on the partitions to enable better sorting. Dividers and partitions are used in almost every industry and they are produced economically to suit all kinds of budgets.


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