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Box Inserts

Do you need to showcase your current perfume? Do you need to package fragile electronics such as a cell phone? These specialty items need the final touch. It needs to be presented. It needs to be protected from damage. It needs to be highlighted. It needs to portray classiness and elegance. It needs to shout out to the world that it is unique, but how? Use high quality InstaBox die cut boxes along with a customized box insert.

When your exceptional item comes with its own unique deluxe box and box insert, it really does portray special. For instance, let’s look at the latest trendiest perfume. It is packaged in a fitted superior die cut box. It’s cradled in a box insert, securing, preventing movement and damage. The dimensions of the die cut box are precisely perfect to the size of the perfume. Not only does the perfume comes in its own box, but it is also with its perfectly fitted box insert. The bottle contour of the perfume fits exactly within its uniquely shaped box insert. Any other item will not fit into this box insert. Only this unique perfume can fit into the box insert. Now that is distinct and special.

This holds true for electronics. Electronics packaged and hung on store shelves portray everyday items. Place electronics in a high quality die cut boxes along with a perfectly fitted box insert, and voila, the price margin increases substantially. Box inserts presents top of the line electronics. When consumers see that retailers go above and beyond to protect the electronics by using InstaBox die cut boxes and box inserts, superb quality and classiness are reemphasized.

These are a just a few product ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Use InstaBox for your die cut box and box insert needs. We will measure your product and create a precisely crafted box insert for you. Box inserts are easily obtainable here in Canada and Western Canada. If you need it fast, InstaBox will deliver.

The next time you need to protect and showcase your product with box inserts, think of InstaBox. We have helped businesses for over 30 years with outstanding, accurate and fast service. With two factories in Edmonton and Alberta Canada, Instabox is ready to help you incorporate your packaging and showcasing needs.


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