Corrugated Fibre Box

Fibre Box / Fiber Box

A customized Fibre Box, or Fiber Box, is an essential part of any product. It allows your product to be showcased, branded, protected and ready to be displayed or shipped. Don’t leave your product naked and incomplete. With fibre boxesfiber boxes or corrugated fiberboard boxes, creating the perfect personalized box for your product is easy and affordable.

Here are some things to consider when creating your corrugated fibre box from Instabox:

Corrugated Fiber Boxes

Items such as DVDs, video games, toys, books, magazines, etc. are small and can get lost in the crowd. Call attention to customers by propping your small items at our eye-level. For instance, you can showcase your products with an attention-grabbing corrugated fiberboard cardboard stand up display.

Flexibility of Fibre Boxes / Fiber Boxes

Diverse products require flexibility. Corrugated Fibre Boxes / Fiber Boxes are the ideal solution. At times a cardboard fibre bin box is needed to save shelf space. Software Packaging must be packaged professionally, being both attractive and sturdy for shipping. A trade show requires shipping boxes that can withstand rough handling. Promotional items require specialty packaging such as a set up box, telescoping box, or gift box.

Dimensions of Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Dimensions of Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

When placing an order for corrugated fibreboard boxes, it is necessary to understand the proper way of establishing the measurement that you need.

A corrugated cardboard fiberboard box is always expressed in: length, then width, then height (also called depth). These measurements refer to the inside dimensions of the box. The length is the larger dimension of the box’s opening. The width is the smaller dimension. The height is perpendicular to the opening.


  1. I love these and just what I have been trying to find. 8 rodnus are hard to find in the stores. Theses are cardboard circles that are white on top with a waxed coating so the cake can’t soak into the cardboard, should you choose to put the cake straight onto the board. Great price, too. When the Walmart close to me carried them, they only had 6 cake circles to a package for the same price and they weren’t waxed on top. Now our Walmart only has 10 circles and I have to cut them down for the 6 cakes I bake for the nurses at work for their birthdays. I will keep ordering these. 5 stars!!!!