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Box Partitions and Other Ideas for Making a Smooth Move

Moving to a new home or office is exciting. However, the process of making that move can be extremely stressful. Not only does everything have to be packed for moving, but necessary items have to be found at the new location. Practically everyone that has ever moved knows what it’s like to have to desperately search through a mountain of boxes to find a needed item.

However, if you apply a little preparation effort before the move, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation. By creating an organized system, you can make the transition effortlessly and with all items readily at your disposal. Here are some packing tips from Instabox.

Color Code Your Boxes

Most people already pack items according to individual rooms, keeping kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc items together. However, once the day of the move arrives, all those boxes get mixed up. Once they arrive at the new location, it can be like a massive shell game of finding the needed item in the correct box.

This problem is readily solved by color coding your boxes according to room. You can use colored markers or construction paper to apply assigned colored squares to room boxes. For example, assign red to the living room, blue to the kitchen, yellow to the bedroom, etc. By using a color coding system, you can ensure that all boxes are distributed to their appropriate rooms in the new location, significantly reducing extra box moving and item searching.

Create a List

To simplify the process of finding needed objects, create a list of items that are in each box. Write a large number on the box with a black marker that corresponds to the listed items. For example, under box number one on your list, write juicer, blender, coffee maker and bread machine. Then write a large number 1 on the box. To simplify things further, write the number in the large color coded square you created so that box number and room number are instantly identifiable.

Divide and Protect

Another unpleasant fact about moving is that items get broken during the process. However, if you utilize cardboard box partitions as you pack, you not only better protect items from crashing into one another, but you also can better organize the contents. Using the example of kitchen items above, if you place box partitions in box number one, then you help prevent damage to those valuables. Cardboard box partitions are also extremely convenient for separating large numbers of small items such as contents from your sewing room or garage.

As you can see, a little preparation time can save you a great deal of stress as well as protect your valuable items from damage.


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