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How Custom Designed Cartons Affect Consumers

Packaging is one area that is often overlooked by many companies yet plays a major role in the success of the products or items contained within. A great deal of effort is usually placed in the actual package that contains the product for sale, but what about cartons used to ship or store those items? Quite often, a plain corrugated carton is selected to meet those requirements.

However, those plain Jane cartons can be transformed into vehicles that significantly increase business. Consider the following packaging points before prepping your next product shipment.

A Box Is More Than a Box

A box is much more than a container for shipping, storing, or displaying items. Cartons also have the ability to display important information and encourage brand reinforcement. These points are key targets of any successful business plan.

Custom designed cartons not only meet the needs of packaging and shipping items, but they also provide an extremely visible platform to display a wealth of advertising and information. The product, brand logo and both product and company information can be attractively placed on each carton which has the potential to be handled and viewed by hundreds of people along its path from manufacturer to the shipper and then to consumers.

Innovation Creates Business

How a carton displays and opens is another powerful selling tool. Cartons that open with an easy and creative format and then allow the contents to be removed in a structured order are attractive to customers that then look forward to the next product. It is a plus if the package design allows customers to actually view the product before purchasing it as it removes a great deal of mystery as well as suspicion. Apple is extremely well known for its innovative packaging that is almost as attractive as the products contained therein.

Another innovative way to attract customer attention using custom designed cartons is to create unique shapes. Not much attention is given to a standard square box, but customize a carton to uniquely fit your product and eyes are drawn to it.

Combine a uniquely shaped corrugated carton and an attractive means of opening it and revealing the product inside with an appealing and informational outer surface and you have the makings of a product desired by the masses. Instabox is a specialist in designing and producing customized cartons.


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