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Boxes and Packaging

What a Big Mac food box, mobile phone, Milk carton and toothpaste have in common? If you thought that they are items that you already have in your house, that could be a good answer. But less obvious is that they are items that at one point came from a store, packaged in its custom packing box.

We have come a long way, from selling Milk in a bottle to using a folding carton specifically built to preserve its freshness and taste. In the early 18th century folding cartons were hand made. Later on, in the 19th century, we withnessed the birth of folding cartons manufacturers as we know them today.

Would you purchase a brand new mobile phone with scratches and dents, dirty and dusty, sitting loose on a store shelf? Of course not. Would you instead purchase a brand new mobile phone that is still in its packing box, sealed, protected, and in mint conditions? Most likely the answer is “yes”.

As buyers, we would rather buy our goods in their original packing boxes. A sealed product box tells us that the item is brand new. A strong fiber box tells us it was delivered safely. A folding carton is printed with images and text so we don’t have to guess what the content of the box is. It’s pretty basic and straight forward, correct?

If your company is selling goods, using packing boxes is an inevitable tool for retail and profit. They are custom built specifically for your products. A folding carton represents your company just as what clothes we wear portray our personality. A packing box is the last step to present your product and it is the first step to capture potential customers’ attention.

Let us analyze the folding cartons inner flaps. The packing box inner flaps are a wonderful invention. They are ideally designed for sealing the packaging box shut. A folding carton seals itself without requiring additional packaging tape or glue. It provides extra security, keeping the inside item protected during transportation.

A folding carton made of paperboard is economical and flexible. Use this versatility to make a strong, heavy paperboard folding carton to protect delicate items. You can also use a thinner smaller corrugate to package items that requires a little less care, such as toothpaste or cereals.

Brand your packing boxes. Typical Asian take-out food is delivered in a distinctive folding carton box we all seem to recognize and love. The folding carton holds the food in. The flaps on the top seal it. The logo outside lets everyone know the name of your company. A custom made folding carton is strong, practical and can be branded.

In conclusion, consumers tend to buy a product that is presented in an attcratice folding carton. It’s clear that a custom made folding packaging system is vital to generate a higher profit.

Contact Instabox, boxes and packaging manufacturer. We will build the ideal product packaging to match your requirements and budget.


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