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Packaging Supplies

Simplify your packaging supplies by designating an area in your home or business as the working station. Designate a primal location that’s a catch-all for all your packaging supplies to maintain efficiency and functionality.

Start with a simple desk, table top or counter about 29 to 32 inches high to land all the outgoing mail. Ergonomically utilize this strong flat surface to temporarily hold all your packages while simultaneously keeping it at waist level. This will save your back from having to stoop too low or too high.

Set up the shipping supplies within reach; all centrally located near or around the table top so that they are easily accessible. Use peg boards, drawer organizers, baskets, trays, etc. to contain all your shipping supplies. When shipping accessories have their own unique designated location, the shipping materials are bound to stay put with less chance of getting misplaced.

A functional work station include packing tape. Use either clear or tan packaging tape, heavy duty packaging tape, PVC tape, paper tape, poly-pro tape, cellulose tape, filament tape, masking tape, strapping tape or Kraft paper gummed tape.

Save time and tape by using tape dispensers. Manual held tape dispensers or tape gun are portable and easy to use. Don’t forget other variation such as the cellulose tape desk dispenser, packaged tape dispenser or a filament tape dispenser as part of your shipping supplies. They are all a very handy way to seal, attach, bundle or fasten your package.

Keep shipping bags handy, also within grasp. Some items for shipment are small and bulky and require more than just an envelope. For instance, fabric or shirts work well with the strength of poly mailers because they are lightweight, thin, reinforced and durable. A bubble shipping bag can protect small and fragile items such as electronics or CD’s. Keep an inventory of shipping bags according to your needs. Instabox offer a wide variety from plain, padded, manilla, plastic, or foam.

Advance the shipping bags to custom printed bags, especially for large outgoing shipment. Portray professionalism by incorporating your unique color, business logo and graphics. As an extra tip, cut unnecessary wasted hours and also include a return address as part of your custom printed bags.

For an easy ship out, centralize the work station. Keep the shipping accessories well-stocked and available within grasp. When it’s time to restock, Instabox carries these packaging materials and more.


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