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Cardboard Box Partitions, Trays, and other Packaging Accessories

If you are packaging and shipping items in cardboard boxes, you’re aware that there is more to the process than simply putting things in a container and sending them on their way. Boxes can come with a variety of accessories to meet the need of your business that are designed to protect your product and ensure that it arrives at its final destination safely and in one piece. An overview of some of the most common packaging accessories, such as cardboard box partitions, corrugated pads, and trays, is outlined below.

Box Partitions

Box dividers serve an important role in the shipping and transportation industry, as they can prevent items from making contact with one another when they are being moved from one location to another. Most of these dividers are constructed as cardboard panels that intersect, and they can create small, separate compartments within a large box. Dividers are well suited to keeping items in the same position and to cradle objects that are fragile, and many companies will sell these dividers pre-assembled in order to save you both money and time.

Box Pads

Corrugated box pads consist of plain, corrugated cardboard sheets that are cut to your requirements. They can be used to keep layers of your product separate within a larger shipping box, and they are especially helpful as promotional materials. When ordering your pads, you can have them created to meet the needs of any product dimensions. This makes corrugated box pads a great option for keeping products from shifting during transport.

Box Trays

Trays also serve as helpful dividers in packaging boxes, as these topless containers can be a great way to store parts or bottles. These accessories can help to keep items safe during transport, and they can also be important in keeping small parts from getting lost. When designing corrugated trays for your packaging options, you should know that they can be found in die cut or slotted styles, and if used as external packaging, you can customize them to be as fancy as you would like.

If you are in need of cardboard partitions, trays, pads, or other accessories to customize your product or shipping boxes, contact us, at Instabox, today! We’ll be happy to help you come up with the packaging solutions that are right for you and that will keep your products safe and secure during shipping.


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