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Having a Cardboard Suggestion Box at Work: The Pros and Cons

As a business owner, you likely understand that keeping your employee morale high is important in order to protect your human capital investment. This leads many businesses to utilize a cardboard suggestion box in order to allow workers to submit input. While there are several benefits to using one of these items in your business, there are also some setbacks. By better understanding the pros and cards of having a cardboard suggestion box at work, you can decide if it is a good option for your business and employees.

Cardboard Suggestion Box for New Ideas

Providing your employees with a ballot box which they can use to submit suggestions is a great way to obtain new ideas. These ideas can really improve your business, as your employees are an important source of information. Providing an outlet for employees to submit their ideas anonymously may make them brave enough to submit their suggestions, and this input could help your business to change for the better.

Employee Nonsense

One of the greatest disadvantages of having a cardboard suggestion box is that you will likely receive some false complaints or input from employees, especially from workers who don’t value or respect your leadership. Discriminating or harassing complaints and false accusations may also be submitted, and this can lead to losing good employees due to defamatory comments.

Happy Staff

Adding a cardboard suggestion box to your workplace can help with morale among your staff, as they will feel more valued. By providing your staff with a way to share their opinions, you will show them that you appreciate their ideas and that you are listening to them. If you take the comments that you receive seriously and act on some of the suggestions that you receive, you can significantly improve the morale of your workforce.

Cardboard Suggestion Box to Indicate Productivity Issues

The way in which your employees utilize your suggestion box could lead to a decrease in productivity, especially if they are using their time to create wasteful insights. Even if an employee has a good suggestion, if he or she spends an excessive amount of time thinking about what to put into the box, it may lead to problems with productivity. In order to avoid this potential setback, it is important to establish rules regarding when your suggestion box can be used.

Use Cardboard Suggestion Box to Save Money

Some companies that use a suggestion box have stated that it has resulted in cost savings. The suggestions that you receive from your employees may give you the opportunity to make changes that can keep spending down.


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