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Cardboard Corrugated Containers: Better Packaging

corrugated containers
The quality of the product you supply will have the biggest impact on whether you will receive repeat business and positive reviews. The packaging does however influence first impressions. It can make those that are around to want to try your product, sight unseen. To help tap into this effect, here are some strategies you can apply.

Be Shape Creative

A square or rectangular box is often to be expected when you have ordered a product. A mailing tube makes for a different reaction. There is a lot of flexibility that can be exercised when it comes to the dimensions of your product packaging. You can have custom that follow the shape of particular products. The arrival of an unusually shaped package can be an interesting curiosity. Unboxing items has even become a social media phenomenon where first impressions count for much.

Captivate with Color

You can further customize your packaging with interesting color and color effects. You can make adjustments during specific holidays and discount periods. To reinforce the image of your brand, try to incorporate your company colors and logo in the packaging. This will gradually help to make your brand more recognizable.

Use Imagery

Lit candles and wreaths for Christmas, or spooky ghosts and ghouls for Halloween, you have plenty of options when it comes to enhancing your packaging, especially around the holidays. You can even use it as an opportunity to promote a cause or charity you support. This means that more than making your packaging more attractive, you can also use it to demonstrate your care for needy, the environment, and more. Place imagery on the label or the corrugated containers themselves.

Why Corrugated?

Cardboard corrugated boxes are an ideal option for product packaging.  They protect products. That means a lower risk of damage to the contents if they suffer some impact. They are also lightweight, so besides the weight of the product within, they can be very easy to transport. Corrugated containers have a superior feel to them many consumers appreciate. Knowing that a business respects them enough to deliver its product in quality packaging makes for a positive impression.

The sound construction also makes them great for re-use. Many people appreciate being able to use their delivery boxes for other purposes around the home and office. In addition, once they are no longer useful, they are easily biodegradable and recyclable, so whomever way you dispose of them, you will not harm the environment.

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