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How to Use Mailing Tubes to Boost Your Brand

mailing tubes
Branding is often about image, how customers and other businesses view your business. The more favorably they consider your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you and speak well of your business. Besides the quality of your product or services, your brand can also be affected by how you send out your mail. Here are some tips on how to use mailing tubes to better market your business.

Adding Variety

Most mail that is delivered to homes and businesses comes in the standard packaging of envelopes and boxes. Using shipping tubes is a good way to add a different shape into the mix. When people receive mail, there is not often the expectation that there will be something exciting to open. An unusual delivery helps to perk things up. Many items can be shipped this way, including even mundane documents. Rolling up documents and securing them in a fiber tube better protects them and ensures they arrive without folds or creases.

CustomizationInstabox - mailing tubes

Shipping tubes can be customized in different sizes and colors. This is an excellent opportunity to brand your mailing tubes with company colors or whatever other formats to commemorate a celebration. For instance, you can use red and pink colors during Valentine’s Day period to honor the occasion. Depending on the kind of business you run, this can be a good chance to market and keep up with trends.

The use of graphics and other printed information can also help impart a good impression to recipients. This provides an additional means by which to wow customers through creative arts. The tubes can also be customized in terms of dimensions. You can work with a manufacturer to tailor your tubes to suit whatever type of items you want to ship.

Added Protection

Using shipping tubes is also a good way to better secure your documents or whatever other items you deliver within. While most tubes are made of standard cardboard material, they can be further reinforced to provide better protection or support for heavier content.

There are also several options when it comes to the end closures. You can opt for plastic or metal end plugs that can add an element of sophistication or practicality, depending on what you are aiming for.

Distribute Promotional Materials

As mentioned, there are many things you can package in a tube. The unique design of this packaging makes for a more interesting unboxing experience. You do not have to strain to look for what regular mail you can send this way. You can make this a part of your marketing approach. From calendars to water bottles, you can distribute many branded promotional materials in this format to all kinds of targeted audiences.

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