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Cardboard Dividers and Their Use in Packaging

You might not think that using corrugated partitions or cardboard dividers in your packaging would make a difference, but you might be surprised. There are many uses for cardboard dividers.

Corrugated partitions can create separate compartments within a larger box that are ideal for maintaining the position of a product and for cradling fragile items that may break if dropped. You can have your cardboard dividers cut to fit any large box and you can have as many or as few compartments as you need!

Some common uses for cardboard dividers include packaging wine bottles, small parts of machines, jewelry, and other merchandise that should not touch the other objects in the box. You can have your corrugated partitions designed in such a way that they will not only protect your products, but sometimes they can also be colored to match the specifications of your branding.

Partitions are a better choice than bubble wrap or packing peanuts in some cases. When you are packing items that must never touch or bump each other (like wine glasses or medical supplies) the partitions provided a barrier between the objects. With packing peanuts, your objects might hit together during transit causing costly damages that may require reshipping.

Many industries use cardboard dividers in creative ways to protect goods. Here are some surprising ways that industry uses cardboard dividers.

  • Automotive- to protect fragile parts from getting lodged into larger parts
  • Cosmetic- to separate bottles and jars
  • Agriculture- to protect fruit and vegetables from unnecessary bruising
  • Food and beverage- to prevent bottles from breaking
  • Electrical- to separate mechanical pieces that could break from friction

Choosing the right partitions to suit your product can mean the difference between a good product and a great product. Be sure that your items fit snugly without slipping or crushing. In addition, some bubble wrap or some paper wrapping could further protect your items that are especially delicate. Do not be afraid to experiment with a few different types of cardboard dividers to choose the one that works the best for you.

Before choosing corrugated partitions to protect your merchandise make sure you identify what type of partition you are going to need. Does it need to be thicker to protect fragile materials and keep them from shifting and breaking or can it be lighter and thinner, simply to keep the contents from sliding around and becoming a jumbled mess? Once you know exactly what you need your partitions to do, you can quickly narrow down your search to find the ideal corrugated partitions you need to help make your shipping processes easier, safer and more cost effective.


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