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Folding Boxes and Cartons

When it comes to packing and shipping your business’ merchandise, files, and other deliverables, there is no such thing as paying too much attention to the box it is shipped in. All boxes and cartons have their own special purpose and can help to prevent damage to your precious inventory. When you pack shipments properly, with care and dignity, your clients will see the quality and attention to detail that you provide. Here are a few of our most popular kinds of folding boxes.

Stock Bin Boxes

These boxes come in various sizes and may include cardboard partitions. They are ideal for shipping or storing small parts, buttons, supplies, etc. Bin boxes can be stored in a display box to showcase the merchandise or can be used individually as part of an in store display.

Brown Corrugated Stock Boxes

Folding boxes that come in many sizes, these are standard, low cost shipping boxes. They are sturdy and can be shipped or stored with ease.

File Storage Boxes

These heavy duty folding boxes are resistant to damage and are easy to stack, transport and open or close. They are compact at 15X12X10 “. These boxes typically are used to store archived papers or files.

Poster Boxes

Poster boxes prevent folding and damage to posters. They are easy to gather and transport and allow for simple packing of your valuable marketing materials.

Breather Boxes

Folding boxes that are designed specifically for transporting foods, breather boxes are also known as pizza boxes. They allow for some of the heat of the food to be released while maintaining optimum temperature. They are moisture resistant and do not contain any materials that are harmful to humans if accidentally ingested.

Taking the time to choose the perfect box for your needs is an important detail that should not be skipped. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you have gone above and beyond to protect their items and you will save yourself money, reducing the instances of damages during shipping.

You can choose either stock boxes that are standard brown or white, or you can add some personality and have custom boxes designed that will allow you to infuse your businesses’ brand into everything that leaves your office. It may seem like a minor detail, but finding the perfect boxes and cartons for your business can be the difference between failure and success.


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