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Cardboard Dividers – Protection for Your Products

When it comes to shipping your products to your customers, it is important to take precautions to ensure that they arrive without damage. One way to do this is to use cardboard dividers. By investing in these packaging solutions, you can ship multiple items safely in the same package instead of mailing out several small and individually packaged products. By using cardboard box dividers wisely, you can protect your investment and can work to minimize your shipping costs.

Corrugated Box Partitions

Corrugated box partitions are the perfect solution for shipping breakable items, such as glass bottles, china, coffee mugs, trinkets, and other valuables. Without dividers, if you were to package these items loosely within a large box, they would likely come in contact with one another. This could result in damage to your entire shipment, but securing the items with partitions can keep the items separated and will reduce the likelihood of damage. It is also important to note that corrugated partitions can reduce the cost of the overall unit since they are easy to reuse.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are another great way to protect your items during transport, as these panels consist of small particles that are arranged by size and layer. They can be customized to fit your particular products, so the use of chipboard partitions can be a cost-savings alternative to choosing a corrugated option. They increase stability and allow for higher stocking per unit, and they still work to protect your products from being damaged while shipping.

Fiber Partitions

In some cases, a lighter version to a cardboard divider may be a better option. These packaging solutions will fill the same role as a cardboard divider and can help to protect your items, but the lighter weight will help to decrease your shipping costs. Fiber partitions are usually more compatible with automatic packaging equipment, so this can also result in cost and time savings. Also, since fiber partitions are thinner, you may be able to purchase a smaller box to send off your shipment.

Cardboard dividers make it possible to ship an entire case of products rather than sending out small boxes separately. By investing in cardboard dividers, you will save on your shipping materials, transportation costs, and overall cost of the unit. If you are in need of assistance in choosing the cardboard dividers that will best protect your product, contact us at Instabox today for assistance.


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