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Pop Displays and Their Many Benefits

Pop or corrugated displays are commonly found in shopping malls and retail locations, but many business owners also choose to use them at trade shows. These displays are used to attract customers and then draw them in to check out your products. There are a variety of benefits associated with these display solutions, and by better understanding their advantages, you can decide if they are right for your business.

Flexible Design of Pop Displays

One of the best benefits of pop displays is their flexible design. The graphics found within these displays can easily be used to promote a product at a trade show and can then be changed to promote a different type of product at your next event. These booths can be interchanged to take on a new look for each show that you plan to attend.

Pop Displays are Convenient for Travel

Your corrugated display can benefit your business by being easy to travel with. They are lightweight and are compact when packed into their shipping case. This can save you a significant amount of money on travel and shipping costs.

Pop Displays Take Up Less Space

The fact that pop displays occupy a minimal amount of space can make them especially helpful when you need to send your displays somewhere else. They are foldable and can be set up at their new destination easily. This allows you to best optimize your space when transporting them to your next trade show.

Visually Appealing Pop Displays

Pop displays often contain bright colors, brand messages, and attractive graphic designs. This helps them to attract potential customers when they are displayed in malls and shopping centers. These displays grab the attention of visitors by using the latest digital printing methods and technology in graphic design.

Pop Displays Allow for Better Organization

These displays can help to organize your product items, whether you are at a trade show or they are in your store. You can use them to present your items creatively, and the better your products look in these displays, the more customers that you will attract.

Sustainable Pop Displays

Corrugated pop displays are created from paperboard, which is a recyclable material. Many companies also offer display boxes made from this material at a discounted rate.

If you are looking for a creative way to market your products, consider pop displays and their many benefits. At Instabox, we can help you to determine if these marketing solutions are right for your business.


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