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Chipboard Boxes, Chipboard Books, and Other Chipboard Applications

Chipboard is a very common and useful material, and it is sometimes referred to as paperboard. This eco-friendly, man-made packaging option is created from recycled paper, and several pieces are glued together so that they form one large piece of material. A strong adhesive is then applied to make the material feel smooth while maintaining its durability. Chipboard containers are extremely useful, and this material can also serve a variety of other purposes.

Chipboard Books

Chipboard is an ideal material for creating the covers for books and journals. This is because the material is tough enough to protect the pages while also being customizable to display texts and graphics. Chipboard is also relatively light, so it can give a book added protection without increasing the weight of the item.


Chipboard boxes make great packing solutions for a variety of items. These boxes help to ensure that items stay in place and make it to their final destination in pristine condition. Chipboard boxes are remarkably stable despite being lightweight, and the low weight also helps to keep shipping costs down. These packing solutions can also be customized to include a printed copy of your logo or business name.

Activities and Games

Another common use of chipboard is for the construction of play items for kids. Board games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Monopoly are commonly constructed from this material, and playhouses and dollhouses may also use chipboard. In addition to being lightweight, toys made from this material are safe for kids, and children are able to move them with ease.

Chipboard Food Packaging

Thin layers of chipboard may be used to package some of your favorite foods and other items purchased from the grocery store. For example, many cereal companies take advantage of chipboard in order to create their boxes. These boxes are sturdy enough to hold in the product, and they can also be designed to include attractive logos and pictures to grab the attention of potential customers.

Home Décor

Thick cuts of chipboard can be used to create a variety of home décor pieces, including countertops, closets, and cabinet doors. This option is considerably cheaper than wood, marble, or stone. Chipboard is often selected because it is easy to use, and this versatility makes it simple to cut and design. When used to create countertops, it provides homeowners with a secure and safe surface for using metal and class, and its soft qualities can also prevent breakage.


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