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Cardboard Displays and a Successful Trade Show

As a small business owner, you may participate in a variety of trade shows as part of your promotional efforts, but preparing for these events can be both frustrating and scary. You may be wondering what to take for your trade show cardboard displays and what the best method for presenting your information might be. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, you can experience a successful event.

Find Out the Event Details

Before the show begins, find out the specific details about it. Contact the organizers to determine the type of visitors who usually attend the show, and get an idea of the layout of the space. It is also important to determine the size of your display table and whether there are electrical outlets. You should also ask if there is extra space for your company sign and any display boxes that you might be bringing.

Plan Ahead for an Effective Use of Cardboard Displays

After you know the details of the event, you can begin to plan what items you will take and how you can best show off your business. Many business owners recommend bringing a tablecloth for your space, and it is important to choose one that will represent your color scheme and image while complementing your display. Consider some other helpful tips, as well:

  • Use levels to arrange your display table, and ensure that larger items are in the back.
  • If possible, use a standing presentation board that includes pictures of how potential clients might benefit from your service.
  • Ensure that your company logo and name are displayed prominently.

Offer Incentives

The more traffic you get to your display, the better it will be for your business. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a variety of giveaways to hand out, such as pens, magnets, brochures, and business cards. Use display boxes efficiently to keep these items organized. Offering food is another great way to draw people over to your area, and while they are helping themselves to your snacks, you can tell them about your business and services.

Some businesses offer a prize or drawing to make their booth stand out from the crowd. Have guests fill out a ticket and drop it into a bowl and then draw for a prize that complements your business. In addition to bringing traffic to your display, you will also have access to this contact information so that you can follow up with prospective clients or customers at a later date.


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