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Choose Paperboard Folding Cartons For Connoisseur Branding

What Is A Folding Carton?

A Folding Carton is a type of container which is made of paperboard or corrugated material and hence, also known as paperboard folding cartons. Ideally, it is cut, folded, laminated, printed and then directly shipped flat to a manufacture or a packaging company, who has its own machinery to fold the container into its final shape for a product.

Here are the top 6 benefits of choosing paperboard folding cartons as a packaging solution for your products or brand:

1. Creativity That Makes You Stand Out

There are numerous styles and types of paperboard packaging. Packaging designers are highly creative in developing out-of-the-box folding cartons. If you look around, you will find a number of products leveraging the visual aspect of foldable boxes.

Additionally, paperboard material is more adaptive to advanced printing and digital graphics technology. Imprinting attractive graphics design on folding containers is much easier compared to other packaging solutions.

2. Green Branding Solution

Corrugated paperboard material is 100% recyclable, and so are the boxes made out of it. Technology needed to recycle paperboard folding containers is fairly affordable compared to that of other packaging material. It is easy even for consumers to recycle these packaging cartons. Opting for folding cartons for your product is a way to contribute to a greener environment.

Moreover, the scraps generated in the manufacturing of folding cartons can be reused after recycling, which ultimately helps in reducing the cost of these packaging containers in the market.

3. Reduced Transportation Cost

Folding cartons are usually shipped flat, as they can be folded to bring back in shape at the recipient’s end; this save storage space, which in turn helps one reduce transportation cost. Or looking from another standpoint, you can accommodate more products in the shipment.

4.Custom Solutions For All

Folding cartons feature great structure flexibility, meaning you can easily bend, cut, roll or fold them. And hence, they are widely used in automated and manual packaging product lines. Every folding cartons manufacturer in town is offering custom packaging solution these days and folding containers aren’t an exception to this latest packaging trend.

5.Enhanced Brand Visibility

Custom folding packaging containers provide outstanding brand visibility. If done right, it can boost product sales and enhance brand’s impact at the POP (point of purchase). Impressive graphic design on packages can increase the opportunity of repeat business. Remember, product packaging is far off the days when it was merely a means to store or protect product. Today, it is a major part in the marketing arsenal for businesses.

6. Versatility

Paperboard packaging industry is constantly changing and new printing technologies, machinery or equipment, and design ideas surface on almost every day. With today’s paperboard packaging technologies, your imagination is the only limit.

Food and beverages, electronics and other consumer product markets are the top sectors using folding packaging cartons for their products. So, do you agree that product success lies in packaging? If yes, choose the right boxes for packaging your products.


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