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Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

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Custom Printed Shipping Packages

Transferring goods from one place to the other has given birth to a whole new industry. The development of e-commerce and online shopping websites has made it even bigger in the past decade or so. The protection of the goods during the transit is very important. Another thing that holds the equal importance is the packaging of the boxes. Printed Shipping Boxes have become a trend in tangible product transportation. Getting your company’s logo printed on the delivery box takes it to a new level and adds to its visual appeal.

While most of the time traders tend to print the name of their company on the delivery boxes, stickers are also quite popular among the packers. They are easy to use and can be stuck on the packages at the last moment. There are some points that you should take under consideration while negotiating with a packer and mover company. First thing is the quantity, the number of boxes you would like to get your logo or brand’s name printed on? The higher the number of boxes, the lower will be the price of printing per unit.

Second thing is the size and color of the logo. This is very important as it will affect the attractiveness of the package. If your logo is of brown color and is pasted on a brown cardboard, it will make it a little bit difficult for the people to be able to read the message. Similarly, if the logo is very long and contains too many words in a series, some serious adjustments may have to be made with the breadth of the box. If you discuss it with the box designers, they will provide you with a sample makeover look of the box and also different color samples which you may use to make the content written on the box more visible and appealing to the customer.

Printed boxes make a very good impression on the end user. If your company has developed quite an image among the consumers and is looking to create a trademark appearance, then using printed boxes for delivering the products will turn out to be a magnificent idea. There are several misunderstandings or misconceptions among the people regarding the custom made printed boxes. You don’t need to order a gazillion of boxes in order to get the printing work done, you can select as low as 50 boxes for an order as well. If you want your customers to be impressed with your product’s first look, attractive and bold printed boxes are the right thing for you.

Package Labels play a very important role in the shipping industry. When you dispatch a product to the client, the specific details of the transit can be printed on the box or attached as a label. The seller of the products and the customer can easily track the movement of their product. The consumer will not have to keep on emailing the service provider to check on the current location. He can just go to website and track down the current position.


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