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Why Invest In Corner Protector Packaging

corner protector
In this new age of home shopping, businesses have become increasingly concerned about how to ensure the safe delivery of products. Many items are quite delicate and a little mishandling during transit can result in costly damage. No business enjoys having to replace these items at an additional cost.

This is why packaging matters so much. With the correct materials in use, there is a better chance of items arriving intact and minimizing expenses. Corner protectors make up an integral aspect of this packaging. Here is why their use matters.

Cushioning Effect

A corner protector is designed to be flexible and cushioned. It provides additional layers of protection against impact. This means the box and contents enjoy better shock absorption, reducing the risk of breakages and other damage. Its flexibility also means this insert can be reliably used around even the most complicated shape of objects. Because it is a smooth insert, there is also less risk of the products being shipped ending up scratched.


These inserts are quite lightweight, adding hardly any heaviness to the box and its contents. This means that you gain the advantage of extra protection without added shipping costs. And because of their flexibility, no extra bulk is added. You can comfortably add a corner protector to your packaging without worrying that it will make the cost of shipping rise. Besides shipping, ordering these packaging materials is quite cheap. They are amongst the most inexpensive forms of packaging materials you can order, with discounts often available on bulk purchases.

Extra Reinforcement

When you have corner inserts added inside the box, it does a good job of strengthening the walls and corners. This means that when boxes are stacked, you can be sure the structural integrity has been boosted. There is a reduced risk of damage even when the transporter is a bit careless with transit or storage along the way. The box is made more stable and the contents are better secured.


Much like the cardboard boxes in which they are often inserted, corner protectors are also recyclable. This is good for the environment. Being able to use old boxes and inserts to make new boxes and inserts cuts back on the reliance on fresh raw materials. It becomes part of an environmentally sound and sustainable system of production and processing. In addition, because used boxes and inserts are already processed, less energy is used when turning them into new boxes.

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