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Making Employee Gift Boxes More Meaningful

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Every business owner knows that their most important resource is the human element. The employees are the means by which the business achieves its goals. Their hard work and contributions should never go unappreciated. Taking the opportunity to recognize these efforts can go a long way in reinforcing employee loyalty and pushing them to perform even better in the future.

Giving employee gift boxes is a good way to achieve this. But the execution of this approach should be carefully handled.

Know Your Employee

When choosing what gifts to give out, try to relate it to the recipient. It is helpful to make an effort in understanding what they like and value. Personalizing the gift so it relates to their interests will prove to be a pleasant surprise. For instance, a coffee lover will better appreciate a voucher from their favorite coffee place.

Minimize The Branding

There is no need to try to market your brand to your employee. Receiving a gift box emblazoned with the company logo, name, and tagline can seem impersonal and targeted. With employee gift-giving, you want to simply show appreciation. This should not make the recipient feel they are being targeted for a marketing campaign. If possible, choose a gift box design that does not feature any branding.

Time It Right

While high holidays like Christmas can be a good time to give and receive gifts, they are not mandatory. Especially when your employees will benefit in other ways like bonuses and time off. You can opt to do your gift-giving during less traditional and appreciated periods. Just after the New Year is a good time to surprise your employees with thoughtful gifts. You can support New Year’s resolutions like better health by dishing out gym subscriptions and fitness trackers.

Presentation Matters

While directly handing over a watch or gift card may be appreciated, you make a better impression when you wrap it up nicely. Customized gift boxes are a good way to ensure that whatever gift you dish out, it creates an appreciable atmosphere of excitement. Adults are just as delighted as kids when presented with a beautifully packaged gift.

Keep The Cost Reasonable

Never go too extravagant or too cheap when employee gift-giving. Too much and the person may feel embarrassed. Too low they may feel unappreciated. Set a reasonable price range on your employee gifts and try to remain within budget. You may boost the budget somewhat when considering seniority in the workplace.

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