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Corrugated Box Packaging Accessories for Custom Settings

The Corrugated boxes are widely used as shipping, storing and display containers for numerous products. However, the packaging needs vary from one business to another. Some companies prefer to buy off-the-shelf corrugate containers and some order custom-designed cartons from a professional supplier. If you are using or planning to buy corrugated boxes for product packaging, consider the below list of box accessories that will help you make the most of your container’s space.

  1. Dividers

    Cardboard sheets are used as a divider inside the corrugated packaging and shipping boxes. These dividers can be placed in a large size container to separate the products. Another benefit of using these box dividers is that they hold the products on a specific position, which is very essential in shipping fragile items. Manufacturers can easily create as many compartments as you wish with this corrugated paper divider.

    Box dividers are also used to protect the product from directly coming in touch to the outer pressure or compression. They are crucial to ensure that the product reaches the destination safely, without a single scratch on it. The major three types of cardboard box dividers are as follows:

    • Corrugated Dividers – A type of box divider that can accommodate heavy-weight products like coffee mugs, jars and bottles. Top-quality corrugated dividers are thick and sturdy. They have higher stacking strength and thus used for packing taller items.
    • Fiber dividers – Fiber dividers offer a higher level of protection and compatibility. In comparison of cardboard dividers, they create less paper dust. Also, fiber partitions can be crafted with higher accuracy than corrugated partitions. They are skinnier, so box size for the same volume of products will be reduced considerably.
    • Chipboard dividers – Chipboards are custom made to meet the customers’ specific packaging and shipping needs. They consume about 35 percent less area than standard cardboard dividers. So, by choosing chipboard partitions, you can save big on your packaging and shipping cost.
  2. Pads

    Pads too are made of cardboard material. They are used as dividers or insulator in packing boxes. They are plain cardboard sheets which can be cut based on customers’ requirements. Corrugated pads isolate different layers of products in a container. They are widely chosen for packaging promotional items, as they can fit to any shape and size. Pads can also bend as you want them to be.

  3. Trays

    Trays are cardboard boxes without top flaps. They are used to store bottles or tools. If you use a single tray to put single product, you can accommodate many other products within a container. Corrugated trays are available in die-cut style or you can customize the shape as you wish.

  4. Foam Inserts

    Foam inserts are a perfect fit to custom-made packaging boxes. They can bend in any shape and at any angle. They ensure that your product reaches the agreed destination in one piece. Custom foam inserts help you make the most of the space within the corrugated packaging box.

Corrugated containers, box accessories and package labels are three must-have components of professional product packaging. If they are chosen carefully, they help your products stand out in the market.


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